Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Will is now 5 weeks old and had his first Christmas and New Years--getting to meet lots of family and friends!  He was quite a trooper with all the passing around and travelling.  Will turned 1 month the day after Christmas, and Patrick and I both could tell that since then he has really been more alert---he is really looking around and taking things in, spending more time being awake.  He loves looking out at the light--any kind of light really attracts his attention.  He is quite the grunter (which Marilee told us that Patrick used to quite the grunter too!!), still a good eater (feeding has been going well), and overall he sleeps pretty well (well, mostly when he is in bed with us, never thought we would do that but after a few months we definitely want to break him of that, but while he is so little, most of what I have read says it's ok. So, we can get some sleep and it's much easier for nursing. ) Also, on Christmas night, while he was up in the middle of the night, I felt like he was really looking at me in the eye---I loved that he was really looking and me, and I saw a little side smile!  Oh my goodness--it melted my heart!!  I was so excited I had to wake Patrick up to tell him...although he still hasn't done it again, I refuse to think it was a fluke, and like to think it was an extra special Christmas gift for me!

Here are just a few of the pictures of our little guy from the last 2 weeks:

After Christmas Eve mass

Hanging out with GG Mack and Daniel

Stocking from Santa on Christmas night

Meeting GG Meyer on Christmas Day--4 generation picture!

I love my Grandma J!

Sweet sleeping baby

The Altenhofen clan

Will loves his GG Betty!

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