Monday, March 20, 2017

Laughter is the best medicine....

I'm sitting here on a Monday at work, missing the warm weather we got this weekend and playing outside with the kids (I call this Monday withdrawals)  I was reflecting on how much fun we had together this weekend - just laughing at the kids.  I always wish I could take pictures and videos to easily remember these days and sweet memories, but most of the time, they stop doing whatever cute thing they were just doing, right when i get my phone out to record.... so some stories will have to do:

  • Ellie told us this weekend her name was not Ellie, it was Elizabeth.  Elizabeth Ellie to be exact... I love this, obviously Elizabeth is her actual name, but we never call her that!  So i'm not sure where she heard it, but was so funny.
  • Ellie also started singing really loudly in the car last night after dinner... the I love you Ellie, Will, Mommy, and Daddy song.... although this time she just busted out with I love you Sarrree-wahhh, oh yes I dooooo, and then I love you Paaa-trick.  We were laughing so hard that she just started using our first names
  • Friday was St. Patrick's Day... as we were talking about it earlier in the week, Will kept saying that Father's Day was Friday.  I said, no buddy St. Patrick's Day.  I overhead him again in the week, calling it Father's Day... I'm thinking why does he keep getting confused with that, only to realize a few minutes later - duh! Of course he is confused with his dad's name being Patrick - he can't decide if that's a real holiday or if he is just celebrating his dad :)  Funny!
  • Sunday - the kids were playing outside on the swingset by themselves.  Patrick and I could watch/observe them from our living room windows - and we saw Ellie fall down and she was crying and upset.... Will went over to help make her feel better you could tell... he bent down to hug her, then was bending his knees down to talk to her on her level, and then just started busting out some dance moves! It was so funny to see him just start randomly dancing.  
  • Will can be found either playing basketball, as MUCH as possible, but also decided to play soccer at the park.... with his soft baseball that we brought :)  I love his competitive spirit and we can't watch a March Madness game without Will asking us about 10 times who we are cheering for, and about 20-30 times per game who is winning :)  He is SO focused and zoned in during Jayhawk games and is fun to see the love of KU basketball passed down from Altenhofen generation to generation.  (Birthday shout out to Grandpa Joe--- hope you are having a great birthday today!!! Lots of love we are sending to you in Seneca.... and I know you are always a regular reader of my blog :))  

I can't believe we have Will's Kindergarten screening tomorrow... what?? And Ellie will be turning 3 in less than 2 weeks.  NOOOO!!!! My babies are getting so big.  Love their sweet personalities, and the fun we have (even when that 'fun' includes that almost 3 year old throwing major temper tantrums in the morning when she can't wear her pretty dresses to school, or her Minnie Mouse dresses.  Sigh.  It's a battle.... that most times I don't fight, and as long as weather appropriate, no biggie.

Hoping our Jayhawks keep wining, as they are in the Sweet Sixteen and playing in KC.  Love March weather, and it's getting close to April!  We are on a Disney high right now and SOOO excited for our trip May 15th!!!