Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daniel and Will

Pictures from Moments and Memories
Daniel - 1 year
Will - 6 months

The Great Outdoors

This past weekend was the famous Camp Altenhofen - out at Craig and Bernie's on Milford Lake in Junction City, KS.  We deceided we would just head out Saturday morning and shoot for one night of camping under the stars.  We had gotten a tent from Bill and Marilee as a wedding gift, and were pretty excited to try this bad boy out---even though I was slightly concerned how the whole night would go---I told myself not to stress about it, and it would be fine.  Patrick (with Bill's help...I wasn't much help for this!) got the tent all set up, with the pack and play, air mattress, folding rocking chair and fan---we were set!

So, we spent some time in the pool--Will's 2nd time and he seemed to really enjoy it!  We got to enjoy the quiet in the pool when the older cousins were out on the boat!  Will took two awesome naps, so he was in a great mood--and so glad he got to see all of his Altenhofen family---as it had been since Christmas that we all got together. 

By Will's normal bedtime--we attempted to put him down, but he wasn't having the pack and play---it seemed even if he would eventually fall asleep in our arms, he would wake up the instant we tried to put him down.  (Granted it was still light outside, only 8:00pm when we started....and it was very humid out that night)  After both P and I trying for about an hour, we deceided to get him up and go back to hang out with everyone until we all broke off for bed.  Keep in mind, we are all in tents fairly close to each other, so we were really hoping Will wouldn't keep crying to keep everyone else awake....  we ended up trying to put him in between us, with me feeding him on and off to try to calm/soothe him---but he was so restless and just couldn't stay asleep---it was so hot, sticky out---we were both getting exhausted and frustrated (not to mention our air mattress was suddenly springing a leak and we were both pretty much laying on the flat ground)  At that point---we thought we would try to go inside and see if that would be better.  Craig and Bernie were sleeping in their room on the main floor--and upstairs both their kids and families---so, the inside had plenty of people trying to sleep also.  So, we rock Will, he finally falls asleep and when either of us tried to sit/lay down with him---he would wake up and start crying---cycle starts again (now, inside is still hot also, as the A/C wasn't on....)  hot, tired, frustrated, and feeling guilty for waking others...we decide at 2:00am that maybe we should just drive back to KC.  (Junction City to KC = 2 hours)  Sounded like the best plan, so P woke up Bill and Marilee to let them know we were leaving and asked if they would mind packing up our stuff the next day---and so they wouldn't freak out in the morning when none of us were in our tent! 

We head out in the car---Will is thankfully sleeping peacefully in his carseat---and we prepare ourselves for a late-night road trip---I am bound and determined to do all i can to stay awake and help keep Patrick awake also.  About a half hour into the trip---Will wakes up--and is NOT happy!  He seriously cries the whole rest of the way home---oh my gosh---was so, so hard...we couldn't do anything to make it better---little guy was just so overly tired at that point...tylenol and Mama wasn't helping at all. 

Let's just say, when we finally got home at 4:00, it was such a relief---he ate (again---not sure what I had left to give him at that point!) and finally fell asleep in his crib and slept from 4:30-9:30.  Man---it was deifnitely a crazy/memorable night, and just happened to be Patrick's first Father's Day!!  We have laughed that it's one we both will never forget.  (I can't wait to tell Will these stories someday---he may not really 'get' it until he has his own kids!) 

We did still have a great day--we lounged in the morning, took a nap when Will did, and both felt somewhat refreshed after showers and a good meal.  We spent some time in the baby pool we got for Will, Patrick got to pick out a grill for Father's Day, and we had a great day together!

Other than crazy camping, updates on Will:
- sitting up all by himself really well
- he loves smiling at Mom and Dad---and melts us every time
- he starts laughing hysterically when he starts getting tired--we call it his 'slap-happy' laughs---I still am hoping to get this on video sometime!
- he loves to grab our faces---.our noses, putting his fingers in our mouths, etc.
- still loves his food---nothing he hasn't liked yet, seems to favor fruits a little more though
- from time to time, he still has trouble falling asleep...he is still a very stubborn baby when it comes to sleeping, but otherwise he is an angel baby!

Hanging out in the morning, while Mom/Dad get ready

Sunday, June 3, 2012

6 months

 6 month stats:
  • 18lbs 9 oz - 75%
  • 26 1/4" - 50%
  • Head circumfrance - 50%

Dr. Espe said he looks really great!  He can now start eating 3 times a day: a fruit, veggie and cereal.  He said to wait 4 days before introducing a new food, to allow him time to get used to different kinds.  So far, we have tried apples, squash and bananas.  He seems to like them all, and is getting the hang of it---but I can tell his favorite is bananas so far!  So fun to try new foods and see what he thinks (another 'Mom' thing I never got before having my own..... I would always hear people get excited about what foods their kids were I completely get it :))

Teeth- Dr. Espe also predicted Will would start getting his bottom teeth in soon (which, on 6/3 when I'm really writing this) he was VERY fussy today and could tell he didn't feel good :(  I can feel the teeth close to coming in, so I think it's a matter of time.  Hopefully it won't make him feel bad too long---I feel so sorry for him!  Luckily, the ibuprofen seems to help soothe it, and makes him relax. 

Lastly- our new sitter, Megan, came down twice last week to watch Will.  I was a nervous nelly!!  Oh my---I had written out all sorts of instructions (thanks to the Wrights for doing this when I baby-sat and knew I wanted to do the same!)  and tried to be as thorough as possible, but hard to know what all I needed to tell her!  Tuesday (right after Memorial Day) was her first day coming down, and we had plenty of time to talk/show her around, and it was really hard for me to concentrate at work all day, b/c I kept wondering how they were doing,.  But, of course, they did great---went on several walks and seemed to do really well.  Already by Thursday, I felt better and I'm so grateful Will really likes Megan and that she is coming down!  From now on, she will come down on Monday's and Wednesday's for the summer, and then still to Marilee's/Mimi's the rest of the week.







First lake trip!

Memorial Day weekend 2012- went on our first trip down to the condo at the Lake of the Ozarks!  We had so much fun ---and couldn't wait to get Will in the water and see what he thought.  Well, after getting the boys fed, changed, packed our bags to go to the pool, it was quite the ordeal---once we got Will in the water, he instictively started kicking and seemed to enjoy it!  He didn't last too long though, b/c he got tired soon after, but it was great fun! 

The best was taking the boys on the boat---and the lifejackets they have to wear, go all the way around their shoulders/necks....and Will just froze with his hands on his lifejacket and didn't even try to turn/wiggle at all!  He just stared straight ahead and I think the boat actually really calmed him down and he would get very relaxed/chill when the boat was going.

The weather was wonderful, the boys did well---we just realized we only have a small amount of time from when they both were up from naps, fed---and we had to be all packed and head down to the boat to maximize our time.  All in all, a fun and successful trip to the lake---can't wait to see how over the summer how much he will change and grow, and enjoy it even more!