Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sarah's Spinoff

Not too much is new with the Altenhofen 4 (I need to change this blog name- whoopsie!)  Will is growing like a weed - and just repeating so many words that we say.  He loves to say 'Yeah, ok' - and getting very independent.  I think he is definitely ready for the 2 year old room at daycare - as they said he is teaching the other kids how to count to 10.  I definitely think that he could use a later nap, as he doesn't seem to want to go down for naps for us as early - usually around 1, and daycare puts him down at 11:30.  They say he goes down pretty well there, and doesn't ever use a binky there!! What?!!  I guess we are just pushovers, and he knows we will give in.  We are trying to be a little stricter about it though - but lately, he is getting over a cold, so I tend to give in when I know he's just not feeling well. 

In other news - the baby is growing and doing well.  I am now 15 weeks along - and we find out Nov. 4th what we are having!  I am very antsy for that and to start planning/picking out a name - and just feeling an even stronger bond with the baby.  Good, strong heartbeat - although I was a little scared at the last appointment as it took her a very long time to find the heartbeat.  Whew - when she did, she said it was perfect, 150.

Lastly, I wanted to let any followers of this blog, know about my desperate attempt to have a blog Spinoff - called Sarah's Eats and Treats.  It's following me through my experiences in the kitchen, as I attempt new recipes and try to cook for my family.  This is all from a true beginner in the kitchen, with the hopes of gaining more confidence, grow my skills, have a new hobby (cooking/baking and blogging) and developing some loved recipes.  Click here if you want to read a few of my first posts.

Hope this finds you all well - here are some recent pictures of Will - and from the pumpkin patch we visited last weekend (we thought Will would maybe want to ride the train, b/c he loves them so much, but our sensitive little guy would rather stay back and watch - we tried a tractor ride and he was crying and wanted to get off.)  It may have had to do with his cold he had, but still!  I think he enjoyed it though, and liked all the pumpkins they had!  We went to Faulkner's in Lee's Summit - highly recommend!