Monday, December 19, 2011

'Tis the season

Well, our sweet baby is 3 weeks old now and my attempt to blog one time every week hasn't happened exactly, but I'm going to try to find a good time, the same time each week to make sure I am blogging recent events and updating with pictures!

- Will DID roll over on his own, just a few days after my last post!  Sunday Dec. 10th to be exact....and he has rolled over 3 times since then!!  It has always been when we put him on his tummy, on his giraffe mat, and then he must not like it, so he figures he might as well take care of it himself and roll himself over!  Such an overachiever!

- Will is still sleeping very good (compared with how I know it could be!) although, some nights are better than others...but overall, we are very lucky with the amount of sleep we have been able to get and if he does fuss, many times he will just put himself back to sleep.

- He is still eating really well!!  Seriously he is a hungry guy---and I think just had a growth spurt (which we can tell he is definitely getting bigger/longer!)  In fact, we gave him his first bottle last week, and the pediatrician said about 2 oz is normal for his age, and he CHUGGED that 2 oz and then still ate a full meal from mom right after that!  So, the next bottle we gave him was 3.5 oz, and he ate all that and probably could have kept going!  So interesting, since I have no clue exactly how much he is eating when I nurse him---but I'm thinking it's enough :)

- Grunter - we really find it funny how much Will grunts and the noises he makes! I think I need to record them so I don't forget it someday. 

- ...and the Grammy goes to.....Sarah/Patrick's made-up songs!!  Seriously, from lack of remembering lyrics or knowing what to sing, Patrick and I will make up words to songs and they are usually pretty funny.  We will play off each other and create some pretty 'original' songs for Will to enoy :) 

- Plugged milk duct/bleb = NOT FUN!  So early last week and late Saturday night, I developed what is called a bleb, or a plugged milk duct....basically looks like a whitehead zit that you want to pop, but it's milk that gets clogged and let me tell you it is SO. VERY. PAINFUL...especially when Will would latch on....holy cow!  I was seriously in tears pretty much both times---I called the Le Leche people (luckily someone that Patrick works with gave him her card to pass on to me, otherwise I feel like I would have felt very lost and not known who to turn to with breastfeeding help---any new mom's out there, make sure you know who to call, because you never know when you will need the support!)  I did lots of googling and searching ways to make it better, but talking to the Le Leche support, Summer, definitely was what I needed.  Basically it got or it gets better the more he nurses from it, but it's nothing I would ever wish on anyone!  (So, if you never had any issues with breastfeeding, consider yourself lucky!)

- Date night! This last Saturday night, Patrick and I went on our first date night in awhile---every year we go out to a nice dinner for our Christmas gift to each other, and we were hoping we would still be able to this year.  So Aunt Amy and Uncle Cody watched Will, while we went to new restaurant on the Plaza, Gram and Dunn.  It was VERY good, I highly recommend it and am looking forward to going again sometime!  It was exactly what Patrick and I needed and we are so lucky we were able to go and do that together.  Of course, we couldn't wait to get back and love on our little guy, but was nice to know he was in good hands while we were out! (Now, we just have to figure out a babysitter for both boys, so that the four of us can go to dinner together again sometime!)

- Newborn pictures are in!  We ordered the pictures last Friday and hoping to get the rights soon so that I can order our birth announcement/Christmas cards!  They are so stinkin cute!  I will post the ones we have the rights to on here ASAP.

- Last week our friend John came over to visit Will, a couple neighbors stopped by, the Kirby family came down and brought us dinner... and looking forward to several more friends/family coming over this week to meet Will.  It's such a nice reason to catch up and get to see our friends!

- We also went out and bought things for the bookshelves this weekend and it looks so great!! I think it makes the room/our house look more homey and I am SO proud of Patrick for making them on his own and doing such great work!!  Lastly, if we didn't feel 'adult' enough already, we got a CostCo membership this past weekend and were super excited!!  Now for sticking to that budget... :)

More pictures from the past week:

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