Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Will's Newborn Pictures

We had these taken when he was 10 days old at Moments and Memories-- so happy with them!!

Monday, January 30, 2012


So, last night I was re-reading through many of my older blog posts, and I realized that I have repeated myself many times and when I go back to read through this, I want to make sure I am clear.  I obviously am new at the blogging thing, and repeating myself and misspellings are probably going to happen.  Pardon me as I get more used to this!  Just to clear up a few things:

Grunting- yes, I have mentioned this several times and still is something that makes Will unique.  Although just lately he has starting cooing and making other noises too.

Sleeping- as I'm reading previous posts, I always state that Will is such a good sleeper.  *I don't have anything to compare this to, so I take him being a very good sleeper, knowing some babies are better and some worse.  I do have to say that I LOVE to sleep, and was always a little concerned how I was going to do with lack of sleep.  In the first month, it always seemed that right after Will would eat, we would rock him and just when he got asleep he would wake up right when we tried to put him down, only to go through the whole process again....which let me tell you in the middle of the night can be pretty frustrating!  Hence why we were letting him sleep with us (which I realize now that I have mentioned a few times too!)  Anyway, while I think he is a normal sleeper for an infant, he is still needing to eat every 2 1/2 hours or so, which makes for not tons of sleep, but I have been surprised at how just 2-3 hour stretches of straight sleep can feel so refreshing! 

Smiles- ok, let me clear up---he first officially smiled at me on Christmas Day night...he looked me in the eye and gave me a side smile.  Then, they were very sporadic and just one every once in awhile, until my next post on Boy you make me smile---which is when he started to smile at me over and over, and I could tell that he was really smiling responsively back to me, etc.  Anyway, just wanted to clear that up :)

I also promised a few pictures--here are some from Christmas parties:

Phi Mu girls scarf exchange

The kiddos before their book exchange (minus Macklyn and Will and Baby Cook :))

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Double Chin...

So, in just the past week, I think Will has added another chin, along with his added wrinkles and creases :)  His thighs are getting thicker and I love every bit of that baby pudge!! :)  Chubby babies are the cutest in my opinion...so of course he is!!  Anyway, I have also noticed that Will is looking more and more like Patrick I think...from the eyes down, and I can definitely see it in the chin/jawline (Marilee agrees with me too---in fact she wants to call Will little Patrick everytime she sees him!) 

So this weekend as Patrick and I were playing with Will (he was SO much fun this weekend---just smiling and giggling up at the birds flying around on his swing)...I had a total foot in mouth moment (or a Sarah moment as some may know it) and combined the two things I was going to say.  When I was talking to Will I accidently said.. (insert baby talk voice here) "Hi Will...Hi handsome...do you have Daddy's double chin??"   Of course Patrick is sitting right there and looks at me like, "Aw man, you think I have a double chin??"  Haha--I meant to say, do you have daddy's chin or do you have a double chin and combined the two together instead!  Oopsie---no, Dad, you do NOT have a double chin....and by the way, why are double chins and being chubby so cute when we are babies and not when we are older?? :)

In other news this weekend, Friday I had a hair appointment, so Marilee watched Will for a few hours and we had a trial run for how things will go when I go back to work and will drop Will off for the day.  Elaina was also there, and gave Marilee practice on juggling the kids :)  Unfortunately, Will had a bit of a temperature Friday and was unusually fussy, so I dont' think he was as fun as normal. When Bill got home from work he had fun playing with Will and couldn't resist putting him in the pink stroller that was sitting there (picture below)  Friday night, P and I had a date night to celebrate KC's Restaurant week and we went to Story (in the Village shops) that we had been wanting to try.  Thank you Amy Cody and Daniel for coming over to watch Will.  It's always nice to get out and enjoy the evening together.  Saturday we were having so much fun the three of us playing with Will in the morning, as he woke up so super happy and in such a good mood!!  We bundled him up and went to the Plaza to see the Ice Sculpture competition going on there (Cody was scoping out the competition --- we think he should definitely enter next year!) and met my cousin Amber there too!  Was so fun to catch up with her as always.  We got the house cleaned up and then Daniel came over to hang out for the night while Amy and Cody went out to dinner.  Today was mostly just church (yay, we made it to early church actually!), some Eggtc (thanks Will for sleeping through ALL of that!), and then a trip to CostCo (sample Sunday's are the best :))  That about sums it up---here are some pics from the past few days:

How can you not want to squeeze those thighs?! 

His favorite spot!!

Snuggle bear!

Eeee!!! I love this little outfit--how fun!

Thanks GG :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Work Out

This is week 2 of me being able to get back to the gym and work out.  I feel really great!! I must say, my body isn't exactly back to normal... I think the hardest thing is that my clothes just fit so different.  It seems that all my shirts are too short, and pants just a little snug in the waist (definite muffin top going on :))  For some reason, I was under the impression that nursing would just melt off the pounds and I would be back to normal in no time, although I really do realize it takes most people awhile to lose their baby belly....and I have eased up on myself---it's only been 8 weeks! 

In fact, most of the time, I feel like I appreciate my body so much more than I ever have---for all that it went through to bring this baby into the world---it's just amazing!  And how it can produce all the nutrients to sustain his life now and grow him bigger and bigger--it truly is a miracle and something that should be celebrated, not embarrased or self-conscious about.  (I'll be honest, I've had a few pity parties for myself though, mostly when I try my 'old' clothes on in my closet or try to find something to wear that doesn't fit right...or when I weigh myself)  So, if I just keep wearing the new things I have bought that fit better and limit myself from stepping on the scale and keep eating healthy and working out, I know that I will bounce back soon!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Co-sleeping vs. No-sleeping

I'm not sure if I have admitted or put in writing that Will has been sleeping with us, because I never thought I would let myself do that.  It was always something I knew I didn't want to get in the habit of, and what do you know, we did!  It is so much easier to get some sleep/rest when nursing him in bed, and both of us falling asleep once he was done...he just would always seem to wake up right when we tried to put him down in the pack and play, so we gave up for awhile and let ourselves sleep...a little more :) 

Anyway, after our pediatirian appointment, he re-motivated us to try again, and be more persistent.  He said that we were heading down a 'slippery-slope'.... he is at the age that he will start getting really used to being in our bed and it will get harder and harder to get him out.  So, we took several suggestions, we really want to keep up the same night-time routine....at around 7:30, Patrick gives Will a bath (I have yet to give him a bath, it's been Will and Patrick's bonding time---have I mentioned I have a great husband that helps so much?!), we get him in his PJ's, change diaper, (if he's not screaming, I have started reading him a book) and then I nurse him.  So, last night was the first time we put him up in the pack and play (which is now moved RIGHT next to our bed vs. across the room upstairs!) and he didn't wake up at all--actually slept about 4 hours during that time!  Patrick and I laughed because we don't know what may have helped, we kind of threw everything at him----we bought a small heater to make his area nice and warm....we have the vibration turned on in the pack and play....we had me sleep with a swaddle blanket so it smelled like me and put it on him, had the sound machine going, and also put him in a swaddle sack!!  Haha--so much going on, but hey, it seemed to work :)  We had one rough patch around 3:00am that he didn't want to be in there by himself, and we let him cry for a little bit (yes, it's torture, that sweet little guy can SCREAM :)) and then ended up rocking him to sleep, and then he slept from 3:00am-7:00am!  Good one....so perhaps we are on our way.

Battle of the bed: Sarah/Patrick 1.  Will-0. 

Wish us luck on Night #2!

Happy boy- playing on his activity mat--he loves it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

2 month check-up

Ok, so I promised to update with Will's 2 month stats....our appointment was a little 'unusual'...basically Will is growing big and strong, he is 12 lbs and 3 oz!! 90%!!  Whoo-hoo, definitely something to celebrate--and he is 22 1/2 inches long, about 50%....everything else looked great!  Now, we knew going into it, that our pediatrician was a little dry/serious, but I didn't think that would be a problem...until this appointment.  I just asked that I noticed that although Will had smiled at us, most of the time he would be looking outside/towards the light/looking at black and white vs. wanting to make eye contact with Patrick or I.  In some of the things I had read, it said he should be doing that by now, so when asking about it, she made me even more concerned by saying that was "pretty unusual"...and gave us a list of vision specialists in the area.  Man---I didn't know that I needed reassurance from our doctor, but I guess I do... I want to know that things are normal, that we are doing the right thing, etc....so, we thought it best to go to another doctor for a second opinion and see if we like them more, we will just change pediatricians (no one said you are married to them!!)  So, after consulting facebook for recommendations, we chose Dr. Espe at Child Care Limited at St. Joseph's Hospital.....and we went to see him today.  He was fabulous!  Very thorough, he discussed with us Will's eating/sleeping schedule which I liked...and also told us it's very normal that he is not wanting to look at us all the time, that will happen between two and three months, and he had no reason to be concerned (which is what I wanted our former doctor to say!!)  Anyway, now that we are more aware, I can tell that he is focusing on certain things, and then just this afternoon he smiled right at me about 5 different times!!  Anyway, when they measured him today he was 12 lbs, 6 oz and 22 3/4"...so those are the stats we will go with, since they are closer to his 2 month bday (which isn't for 3 more days)  So, all is well---we are blessed with a happy, healthy, growing boy--and we love him more every day!

Happy baptism day!

Happy Baptism day to William J!  Will wore a baptismal gown that has been passed through Patrick's family, it was bought by his Grandma Pat for all of her grandkids, and now great-grandkids to wear.  It was very special that Will was baptized in the same gown that Dad was too!  We also are starting a tradition with the blanket that was bought by Grandma Johnsen that will be passed to all of her grandkids too.  We had a wonderful day, and got to celebrate with all of our immediate family.  Grandpa Daryl got to spend the weekend with us, and so then we got to spend a lot of time with Amy, Cody and Daniel too.  Amy and Brett are Will's godparents and he is so lucky to have so  much love and people praying for him.  We had a nice lunch at our house afterwards, and after that, all of our January parties are officially done :)  Our back room seems so much bigger without the tables and Christmas decorations taking up so much room!  Ha!  Anyway, 4 more weeks I have left in my maternity leave and I am soaking up every minute!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Boy, you make me smile...

Yes!!  We have finally seen our sweet boy smile (side note: I have been seeing his sweet angel smiles as he is falling asleep, so I know how cute it can be....) but we have been waiting to see those smiles with his eyes open and looking at us.  Today, about 3 different times he smiled-- and while looking right at me :)  that little side smile makes all the lack of sleep and sacrifices so worth it!  Anyway, this completely made my day and has been my favorite milestone so far. 

This past weekend was so much fun, just laying low mostly.  We had our last and final Christmas party with all of Patrick's friends and got to spend Sunday up and Bill and Marilee's, and enjoyed the 60 degree weather (seriously, this has been such a mild winter---it's so nice to be able to get out to go on walks with Will as much as we have!) 

Will has been really fun lately, just very alert, looking at us each more and making fun faces and noises.  This morning he was so happy, just in his swing and smiling away.  I love that he seems happy and content---and even better he took a really nice, long morning nap and let me get a lot done around the house!! 

Here's to another enjoyable week---and his 2 month pediatrician appointment is this Thursday--excited to update with his stats (we are predicting he is a little over 10 pounds, so we'll see!!)

Friday, January 13, 2012

So curious

Will has been such a good boy this week!  He has been sleeping very well (ok, ok, still in bed with us, we are working on weaning him of this and I am making a promise that he will for sure be out of our bed by at least 3 months!) , not only has he been sleeping well, but he is also doing better with being put down during the day too!  He loves to be held, and as much as I want him to just snuggle up to me, he is always wanting to look around and see what all is going on.  He loves to put his head back (about as far as could possibly go!) and he looks up at the ceiling, outside, towards the light, really anything!)  He is looking at us and making eye contact more and more, and we have both gotten small side-smiles, but we are both waiting for that really big, toothless grin when he's staring right at us!  I know it's coming, because he has really great smilies right when he is falling asleep---I love those sweet smiles and sometimes giggles too in his sleep! 

This weekend we are hosting Patrick's friends for our last Christmas party.  I'll post pictures from my Phi Mu friends' Christmas party and this weekend as well.  We are so lucky to have such great friends to celebrate with.  Hope you all  have a great weekend as well!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy birthday to...me!!

Today I am the big 2-8.  Yes, nothing too exciting about that, and it is pretty crazy that ALL I want this year is to spend time with my boys.  I am so lucky that today it is 60 degrees outside!  I dont' think I have EVER been able to say that for my birthday.  In fact, usually I have a really bad cold, I'm stuffy, etc.  Well, yesterday, I had a pretty bad stomach bug and felt pretty misreble....luckily, Patrick took over Daddy duty last night and let me get some good sleep and that helped a ton!  So, the worst is over I hope and I'm feeling better today and able to enjoy the day! 

Will and I went on a walk this afternoon---and honestly, we have been SO lucky that this winter/December was so nice we have been able to go on quite a few walks and get out of the house.  That is awesome, because I was really concerned about being stir-crazy and holed up in the house during the winter months on maternity leave.  But, it's been awesome out and it's good for my physically and mentally to get out!

Everything else is going pretty good---Will definitely is at the stage of not wanting to be put down :)  The pediatrician says about 6 weeks is the peak of a baby's fussy stage, and so that makes me feel better.  It's nothing too bad, he just seems uncomfortable and squirmy, and has a hard time falling asleep if we are not holding him, or I have to feed him almost to get him to sleep.  I know this is just a phase and am trying to enjoy him wanting to be 'held' and just get things done once Patrick gets home from work!

Patrick took me out for a fun shopping trip on Sunday and our first trip to Eggtc.  It was really nice!!  Tonight, Amy, Cody, Daniel, Bill and Marilee are all coming over to help celebrate my birthday with dinner and Patrick made some carrot cake for dessert!  Amy is going to give me a pedicure too, so what a great day/night and I feel so very blessed.

Until next time...

Monday, January 2, 2012

Rolling over!

Caught him rolling over!

Happy Holidays!

Will is now 5 weeks old and had his first Christmas and New Years--getting to meet lots of family and friends!  He was quite a trooper with all the passing around and travelling.  Will turned 1 month the day after Christmas, and Patrick and I both could tell that since then he has really been more alert---he is really looking around and taking things in, spending more time being awake.  He loves looking out at the light--any kind of light really attracts his attention.  He is quite the grunter (which Marilee told us that Patrick used to quite the grunter too!!), still a good eater (feeding has been going well), and overall he sleeps pretty well (well, mostly when he is in bed with us, never thought we would do that but after a few months we definitely want to break him of that, but while he is so little, most of what I have read says it's ok. So, we can get some sleep and it's much easier for nursing. ) Also, on Christmas night, while he was up in the middle of the night, I felt like he was really looking at me in the eye---I loved that he was really looking and me, and I saw a little side smile!  Oh my goodness--it melted my heart!!  I was so excited I had to wake Patrick up to tell him...although he still hasn't done it again, I refuse to think it was a fluke, and like to think it was an extra special Christmas gift for me!

Here are just a few of the pictures of our little guy from the last 2 weeks:

After Christmas Eve mass

Hanging out with GG Mack and Daniel

Stocking from Santa on Christmas night

Meeting GG Meyer on Christmas Day--4 generation picture!

I love my Grandma J!

Sweet sleeping baby

The Altenhofen clan

Will loves his GG Betty!