Wednesday, May 29, 2013

18 months

Wow--can't believe we already have an 18 month old!! It's crazy to look back at pictures or this blog to remember when he was a little, tiny baby.  It's fun hearing stories from other friends or people I know that have brand new babies, I almost forget what that's like!  Will is definitely getting more independent, cuter every day (I'm biased), learning so much all the time, talking more, and being even more fun!  I just love him so much (I seriously say I love you to him about 100 times a day, and kiss him about 200 times) and really do cherish every minute I get to spend with him.  So, here's the lastest:

 - Recap of May - spent Mother's Day weekend at the Lake- enjoying some the first time at the new house with all of Amy's clan, ours, and Mom/Don.  We got to celebrate Amy's 31st bday and then wake up and have a nice Mother's Day brunch before church, and then headed back to KC to celebrate with Mimi and Grandpa.  It was a beautiful day!!  Will was just getting over a double-ear infection (yes, his third this year) so he was a little fussy all weekend.

- May 16th - Daniel turned 2!! Amy and Cody had a fun party for him, with just immediate family and had the cutest Curious George themed party decorations.  Seriously, my sister is so good at that stuff--she said she just had a few things, but I thought it was pretty well done :) 

 - Memorial Day weekend - we spent the first part of the weekend at home, relaxing, catching up - it was nice weather and we got to enjoy hanging out with Will outside as much as possible!  Then, we had Patrick's cousin, Annie McKenzie's, graduation party and then headed down to Lake again for another great time!  My aunt/uncle, John and Kathy from STL came as well and we had so much fun!! We took Will out on the boat - and he was NOT liking it at all.  It is definitely the motion of the boat that bothered him, and once we got going, he was crying, tugging at his ears, and burrowed his head into Patrick's chest, trying to get through it.  The poor guy, puts his head up and says "All Done" in the saddest, crying voice---broke my heart!  He was just not having it.  So, that may be our last boat trip for Will for awhile, but that's ok.  Hopefully he grows into it though!  Otherwise, it was a perfect weekend and I'm still working on getting back into the swing of things at work :)  Summer is officially here, makes me happy, and looking forward to a fun summer with my Bubs :)

This about sums it up

Sweet baby - on a trip to visit Dr. Espe - darn ear infections
 Will loves:
 - playing outside - specifically mowing, sweeping, throwing a ball around, and mostly playing with his water table!!
 - dancing, singing songs, and being silly
- being tickled, chased around, thrown around by Daddy
- morning time - he is always SO happy in the mornings and is so funny when we go get him, he'll hand us his pacifier and say thank you!  And then sometimes stomp around/dance around his crib!! Haha--he's a hoot!
- Talking: "thank you", "Uh Oh", Hi/Bye (w/ a wave), "Peeze" (please), "Cookie" (Graham cracker), Mama, Dada, Be-Boop (belly button, from a Sandra Boynton book we have), Baby (Baby Gwyn - he LOVES her and loves giving her kisses!), "Petty" (pretty - when I wear a fun necklace), Ready, Set, and he says "GO"....I'm sure there is plenty more--he definitely knows his animal sounds and can point to his facial body parts.  He can most dfeinitely understand a lot more than he may even say.  It's so fun!

Will does not love:
- getting his diaper changed these days
- having to give up his pacifier (I'm curious what Dr. Espe is going to tell us about this at his 18 month appointment next week)
- taking a bath without the inflatable tub - he's doing a little better, but it's been a slight struggle.  Something about being wide open in the bathtub freaks him out.  He's a little sensitive (as I say it) :)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Melts my heart

Every time I have to drop Will off now---he has started blowing me kisses.  Melts me every single time.  So sweet though, and I love that he loves to give Mama kisses!  Here's a big MWAH for you all!

Will enjoying the nice weather outside---he absolutely loves being outside, so we are really excited for the summer/nice weather!! So fun!

Waving to all the people passing by :)

This past week, Mom was passing through town on her way to the Lake, so we made it a girls lunch---it was SO fun---can foresee many more of these in the future.  We loved our girl time and taking turns loving on Gwynnie Bear :)


This video makes me smile everytime I watch it---I love how much he loves playing basketball.  He could do this all night!