Sunday, January 29, 2012

Double Chin...

So, in just the past week, I think Will has added another chin, along with his added wrinkles and creases :)  His thighs are getting thicker and I love every bit of that baby pudge!! :)  Chubby babies are the cutest in my of course he is!!  Anyway, I have also noticed that Will is looking more and more like Patrick I think...from the eyes down, and I can definitely see it in the chin/jawline (Marilee agrees with me too---in fact she wants to call Will little Patrick everytime she sees him!) 

So this weekend as Patrick and I were playing with Will (he was SO much fun this weekend---just smiling and giggling up at the birds flying around on his swing)...I had a total foot in mouth moment (or a Sarah moment as some may know it) and combined the two things I was going to say.  When I was talking to Will I accidently said.. (insert baby talk voice here) "Hi Will...Hi you have Daddy's double chin??"   Of course Patrick is sitting right there and looks at me like, "Aw man, you think I have a double chin??"  Haha--I meant to say, do you have daddy's chin or do you have a double chin and combined the two together instead!  Oopsie---no, Dad, you do NOT have a double chin....and by the way, why are double chins and being chubby so cute when we are babies and not when we are older?? :)

In other news this weekend, Friday I had a hair appointment, so Marilee watched Will for a few hours and we had a trial run for how things will go when I go back to work and will drop Will off for the day.  Elaina was also there, and gave Marilee practice on juggling the kids :)  Unfortunately, Will had a bit of a temperature Friday and was unusually fussy, so I dont' think he was as fun as normal. When Bill got home from work he had fun playing with Will and couldn't resist putting him in the pink stroller that was sitting there (picture below)  Friday night, P and I had a date night to celebrate KC's Restaurant week and we went to Story (in the Village shops) that we had been wanting to try.  Thank you Amy Cody and Daniel for coming over to watch Will.  It's always nice to get out and enjoy the evening together.  Saturday we were having so much fun the three of us playing with Will in the morning, as he woke up so super happy and in such a good mood!!  We bundled him up and went to the Plaza to see the Ice Sculpture competition going on there (Cody was scoping out the competition --- we think he should definitely enter next year!) and met my cousin Amber there too!  Was so fun to catch up with her as always.  We got the house cleaned up and then Daniel came over to hang out for the night while Amy and Cody went out to dinner.  Today was mostly just church (yay, we made it to early church actually!), some Eggtc (thanks Will for sleeping through ALL of that!), and then a trip to CostCo (sample Sunday's are the best :))  That about sums it up---here are some pics from the past few days:

How can you not want to squeeze those thighs?! 

His favorite spot!!

Snuggle bear!

Eeee!!! I love this little outfit--how fun!

Thanks GG :)

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  1. HAHAHA, this post made me laugh! Love the double chin story and the "sample sundays" hahaha! Miss you Sarah! Will is perfect :)