Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Co-sleeping vs. No-sleeping

I'm not sure if I have admitted or put in writing that Will has been sleeping with us, because I never thought I would let myself do that.  It was always something I knew I didn't want to get in the habit of, and what do you know, we did!  It is so much easier to get some sleep/rest when nursing him in bed, and both of us falling asleep once he was done...he just would always seem to wake up right when we tried to put him down in the pack and play, so we gave up for awhile and let ourselves sleep...a little more :) 

Anyway, after our pediatirian appointment, he re-motivated us to try again, and be more persistent.  He said that we were heading down a 'slippery-slope'.... he is at the age that he will start getting really used to being in our bed and it will get harder and harder to get him out.  So, we took several suggestions, we really want to keep up the same night-time routine....at around 7:30, Patrick gives Will a bath (I have yet to give him a bath, it's been Will and Patrick's bonding time---have I mentioned I have a great husband that helps so much?!), we get him in his PJ's, change diaper, (if he's not screaming, I have started reading him a book) and then I nurse him.  So, last night was the first time we put him up in the pack and play (which is now moved RIGHT next to our bed vs. across the room upstairs!) and he didn't wake up at all--actually slept about 4 hours during that time!  Patrick and I laughed because we don't know what may have helped, we kind of threw everything at him----we bought a small heater to make his area nice and warm....we have the vibration turned on in the pack and play....we had me sleep with a swaddle blanket so it smelled like me and put it on him, had the sound machine going, and also put him in a swaddle sack!!  Haha--so much going on, but hey, it seemed to work :)  We had one rough patch around 3:00am that he didn't want to be in there by himself, and we let him cry for a little bit (yes, it's torture, that sweet little guy can SCREAM :)) and then ended up rocking him to sleep, and then he slept from 3:00am-7:00am!  Good one....so perhaps we are on our way.

Battle of the bed: Sarah/Patrick 1.  Will-0. 

Wish us luck on Night #2!

Happy boy- playing on his activity mat--he loves it!


  1. So happy/proud of you guys, Sarah! I'm sure it was torture, but I'm glad it all worked out! Thinking of you three and wishing for another successful evening!

  2. Keep going guys!! The tears don't last forever!! He'll catch on that he can console himself and you'll all sleep so much better. :) And I think you're doing fabulous!