Friday, June 7, 2013


A few nights ago, there were some early morning thunderstorms---they must have woken up Will, and typically when he wakes up, he is very quiet, and plays until we see/hear that he is up.  Anyway, not sure how long he was awake in his crib, but al of a sudden, Patrick and I are woken up by hearing him say over the monitor "Tickle-tickle" and it just made us giggle!  I don't know if every parent finds their child as hilarious as we do---but I just find what he does so funny!  It's funny how he puts things together, or repeats us----just recently he has also started doing 'peace' at church and shaking people's hands.  It's sweet.  And just last night, as we were playing in the backyard--he saw "Sasquatch" and shook his hand and gave him "peace"--haha, then he also said 'Tickle-tickle' to him too!  HAHA!  So funny :)  I love my silly boy---he cracks me up, and I'm sure this is just the start!

I love being his Mama--and feel so lucky all the time! 

Visitng Great-Grandma Betty and Great-Grandpa Joe in Seneca--fun visit!

Bubs so worn out from a long weekend of fun in NE

Fun photo booth at Micaela Dell/Steve Thomas wedding