Thursday, March 13, 2014

FINALLY.....Spring has arrived!

We are so excited that Spring has finally arrived in Kansas City - and we can get out of the house, play outside, it's lighter out later, and we welcomed losing an hour of sleep this past weekend for more light at night and the fresh air :)

Will loves: riding his bike up and down the street
Will does NOT love: having to turn around and go back towards home, or having to go inside

I'm so thrilled that Patrick is going to get our swing set up this weekend!! I am really hoping Baby girl likes being in a sling (I have about three different baby carriers, so hopefully one will be comfortable for her) and we can spend a lot of time outside while I'm on maternity leave.

Speaking of..... I'm at 23 days and counting until due date.  I am getting SO excited to meet her, to see what she looks like, etc.  I am now on weekly appointments with my doctor, she is measuring right on track, and they were guessing she's probably about 6 lbs. 9 oz or so :)  (I have NO idea how they even guess this, but I'll believe it!)  She is definitely a little mover, and I'll always be amazed at how funny it looks/feels when pieces of her are sticking out oddly from my belly.  I can tell  her little booty is sticking out, or right where her kicks/jabs are coming from - it's so funny to be, but also it puts so much pressure on my bladder when she's in different positions.  Poor girl is just running out of room at this point!  At my last appointment though, we got to do a quick sonogram, and found out she was no longer breech!! (good girl!!) and saw a very brief look at her profile (then she turned of course :))  but her little lips were moving, and was so sweet!! We have'nt had very good luck getting good sonogram pictures of her, but that's ok.  Just come out so we can meet you (in about another week or so!)  If she comes as early as Will did, it would be next Wednesday (less than a week)  So, we will see, and likely my next post will be after she comes!!

I do have to say - I have always wondered how it can be possible to love another child as much as you love your first.  I have no doubt I am capable of it, just hope I am able to give both kids the attention they both need and deserve.  So, I have been extra lovey on Will - but he is growing more and more independent, and sometimes tells me that Mommy hugging too hard :) Haha--oopsie!  He really says the funniest things - I just love hearing him jabber away, or sing in the car (that kid will sing at the top of his lungs, but always gets camera shy when I get it out to record him!)  Favorites to sing lately are:

- ABC's
-Twinkle, Twinkle
-Old McDonald
-Frosty the Snowman (all year round :))

Other favorites for Will:
-playing cars
-playing Animal game on the iPad
-watching anything on the iPad (usually Mickey or Cars movie)
- playing with his trains/train set
-wrestling with Daddy (LOVE watching them together)
-getting tickled (and I just LOVE tickling him and hearing him giggle uncontrollably)
-playing with his cousins: Emma, Brady, Elaina, Daniel and Gwynnie - he loves them all!!
-school!! (lately when we pick Will up from Daycare, he doesn't even care that we are there, and just wants to keep playing!  Shoot - I basically got ignored when I walked in the other day, and Patrick said he is like that all the time!  Darn it, and so it begins :))

Happy March, and March Madness soon to all (one of my favorite times of the year) and hopefully soon I will post about Baby Girl's arrival :)

Silly boys!! 

Playing with Emma at Mimi's

My sweet sleeping boy

Coloring at our favorite breakfast spot - Eggtc!


Watching some Jayhawk basketball with Daddy

Watching some Cars or Mickey in the morning while Mom/Dad get ready

Big boy!!