Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mama's first nights away...

This month has been FLYING by!  July always goes by quickly with so much going on.  A few major things that have happened since the last post:

 - Will's first 4th of July- since it was in the middle of the week, and since Grandma and Grandpa Johnsen were in Hawaii this year, it was the first time in 8 years I didn't spend a 4th of July at the lake! :)   But instead, we took it easy here at the house, and went up to Mimi and Gigi's, played in the pool, and had a nice meal.  Since Will's bedtime is 8:00, he didn't make it to fireworks, and I was hoping I would get to see a few from our house, but this is the one time I didn't appreciate all the lovely Prairie Village trees :)  Oh well---next year!

- I had to leave my baby for the first time over-night.  This past week, I had to go help out at some demos in New Jersey--and it was my first time away from Will for a night--and this was two!  I knew that he would be just fine with Patrick--but it was just so hard even thinking about not getting to see his sweet face and pick him up at the end of the day.  Mama did good (of course Will and Patrick did too) and good thing our days are SO busy at demos, that it didn't give me too much time to sit around and dwell on it.  Will got lots of good snuggles and kisses the entire day when I got home Thursday!

- We have gotten to enjoy a few weekends at home, and it's been so nice!  I love just the little things---waking up with my boys... snuggling in bed.... doing things around the house... and getting in lots of good playtime (vs. running around all over the place the entire weekend!) 

- Will has started putting together some words---we have heard a few 'da-da-da'....amongst other blabberings, but Patrick really loves to hear that of course!  He thinks it's really funny when we say 'ba-ba-ba" to him though, and I'm excited to hear him start talking more. 

- He loves eating still---but sometimes thinks it's playtime :)  Lately he really likes to blow out his food once he feed him, and can make quite a bit of a mess.  I have to remember that it's ok to be messy, we can clean him up, even if he gets carrots/squash/green beans in his hair, ears, nose, etc :)

- He hasn't started crawling yet, but is getting SO close!  He wants to get there, and he'll get up a little bit and kind of scoot a little, or mostly just go down on his side and roll around.  But, he is definitely moving and we need to start baby proofing the house, as all my baby emails keep reminding me :)

Fun at Michael and Mallory's wedding

Family pic

Fun with Grandpa D

Sunday, July 1, 2012

7 months

We couldn't believe that it was already time to take Will's 7 month pictures---time went by REALLY fast in between 6 and 7 months for sure.  Maybe it's because the last few weekends we have been travelling back to NE--- last weekend for my step-sister Erin's baby shower, and my other step-sister Erica's wedding reception.  So, we had fun seeing family---but unfortunately, our little guy just doesn't like to sleep well when we travel--- he was up most of the night Saturday night crying on and off...which then just leads to somewhat of a tired/more fussy than normal day.  Anyway, he usually isn't too bad during the day, but then when we try to put him in his carseat, it's like he just can't get comfortable in there and just fusses when he's already tired.  So, I ended up getting in the back seat, and once he got over the fussy, we just played in the backseat together for the rest of the trip.  We were both relieved to finally get home and get Bubba into his own crib and a good nights sleep!

This past Friday, we both took the day off work---was so nice to be home and get lots done around the house, and all hang out together.  We left around 2:30pm for Lincoln, to celebrate my cousin Michael's wedding.  It was SO fun to see all my Mack family and Will was a trooper and stayed up partying with everyone until about 10:45 when we left Lincoln!  Good job Bubba!  We also got to stop in to see Great-Grandma Meyer and lots of Meyer cousin's---my aunt/uncle/cousins from Alaska were in town, so was nice to visit with them, it had been a long time!  And then we caught a little time with Sadie, Lindsay and Chad at the Harris' before both of our babies needed naps---so, was an eventful weekend, and so nice though.  We will be VERY grateful though to just stay in town the next couple weekends though :)  Life/being on the go is just so different with a little one :) 

Otherwise, we are so blessed to have such a happy baby.  It's so fun when we go to church, or just running errands, that people will stop us and tell us what a happy little baby we have---and Will usually smiles up at them really big :)  Even Grandma Johnsen got to spend a few days last week with Will --and she couldn't stop saying what a happy baby he is!  We always love to hear that---but for the most part he really is a happy guy---and we couldn't be more proud.

Here are some of the 7 month photo shoot pics: