Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Holiday season - 2015

I know I am a little late in posting - but I keep telling myself, better late than never.  Thought I would give an update and post some pictures of our wonderful holiday season.  There is just something always so magical about Christmas - it's a time of love, time with family, time of giving, time most importantly of celebrating CHRIST.  This was such a fun year to watch the kids enjoy the magic of the season.

We started the Elf on the Shelf tradition - and Will decided to call ours Pinnochio this year.  We actually made it a point to move him each night and Will would get so excited the next day to see where he was.... now we were not one that did something super creative, but patted ourselves on the back for remembering to move each night (sometimes it wasn't until we were laying in bed, and then had to bribe the other on who was going to get out of bed to move Pinnochio :))

Christmas recap:

Wednesday - Christmas Eve eve: we celebrated with Grandpa D at Aunt Amy and Uncle Cody's house.  It was really nice to start our first day of no working, and enjoying a fun day of playing and getting a great day with Grandpa!  Grandpa even made zemmels, a famil

Thursday - Christmas Eve: started off our day right at Eggtc :), and then went up to Bill and Marilee's after naps - and had a wonderful evening with them and Great-Grandma Betty and Great-Grandpa Joe.  We all got changed for mass, and even though the kids were a little wild, it was a nice mass, and truly is the reason for the season.  We are so loved by God, and I hope to share and set an example of a Godly heart to my kids.  

We got home pretty late from church, but not too late to set out some milk and cookies.  I don't know who was more excited - Will, Patrick or I - it was truly so special to see his excitement.

Friday - CHRISTMAS!!  The kids woke up about 6:15am - and Will quickly saw that Santa ate his cookies!!! He had asked for a remote controlled airplane, and got some other fun toys: rocket ship, gummy bears, Planes DVD, and probably too much other stuff :)  Ellie was excited b/c i think she could feel her brothers excitement, but she was into opening presents and ripping off the wrapping paper.  This was the year of dolls/babies for Ellie - and she. loves. her. babies.  Seriously - this girl is SO sweet with her baby dolls and just is a little mommy.  It almost makes me want to have another (not quite enough)

We had a great, wonderful, perfect morning of playing with new toys and eating some breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls. We went up to Bill and Marilee's and got to see Angie, Brady and Emma (Brett had to work), and then Joe, Michelle, Elaina and Liam arrived after naps, and then Brian, Michaela, Lily and Dominic all got in about the same time.  We got to enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner together and it was a great day all together!  We are so blessed with such a wonderful family.  

Saturday - post-Christmas Day 1: we took off when kids woke up and headed to Beatrice.  We were able to meet my step-sisters and their families, and celebrate with Grandma Bobbie and Grandpa Don.  It's so fun and a little crazy with all the little kids - and Mom and Don will have 8 grandkids under 5 by next Christmas!  It's fun and all the kids got along great, and lots of fun, giggles, and presents were had!!

Sunday - post Christmas Day 2: Mack Family Christmas!! It was a fun, jam-packed day and my Mom works so hard to host everyone at her house.  It's always lovely to have everyone together and this year I had the honor of passing along our Mack Ladies Friendship ball.  Each year, one lady gets to recap what events and happenings went on in our family, and pass it on to another Mack lady.  I was given the ball from my Mom the year before and passed to my cousin Heather.  Many tears were shed as we had our first Christmas without my Grandpa Mack, and I documented in the ball.  It was a special day, with a family that I adore each person and love to be around.  To say we are blessed is an understatement.

(OH - the Altenhofen Christmas was celebrated the first weekend of December in Flush, KS.  It was fun that the kids were in somewhat of an age to play and we could finally spend time talking and catching up with our families.  I say mostly b/c Ellie still is pretty needy)

Monday - the weather was getting bad in NE, so we left pretty early in the morning, and didn't get too bad of weather until the last hour.  But we made it home, and got unpacked and got to play with our new toys.  I love our days of just hanging out at the house.

Tuesday - Patrick and I had a day at work.  I had found out that I was asked to go to London for work the first week of Jan (a post to come on that soon!) and was doing some research on what we wanted to do.... oh yeah, Patrick was going to join and we were going to do Paris for the weekend!!! So thrilled, excited, etc.  

It did snow enough to enjoy a little sledding in the backyard.  I'm sure we will have more snow days to come.. to my dismay. :)

Wednesday - Friend Christmas party at Adam's loft downtown.  We are blessed with GREAT friends that we love getting together with, that we laugh with so hard our cheeks hurt, and that we realized by 11:00 when we were all ready to go home, that some things have changed over the years (our time of going home..... in our defense, many had to work the next day and we had a baby-sitter!)

Thursday-Friday - New Years Eve- we spent at Amy and Cody's and had lots of fun with Cody's family, and playing Cards Against Humanity until mid-night.  We didn't even get a picture, we were all just enjoying the kid-free moments and laughing into the New Year.

2016!!! Here we go... (already a few weeks in, it's been pretty darn amazing so far), I think you will be a good year, and I pray for blessings for all of our friends and families.  Cheers!!