Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Potty training AND Sleep Training

Ok - so I still don't know if we were smart or stupid, but we thought that since we didn't have anything going on this past weekend, we would try out the 3-day potty training method that we had heard about/read about.  The basic philosophy is remind your child over and over to "Tell Mommy or Daddy when you have to go potty" - and just really focus on them the entire weekend, don't ever leave their side, and catch them when going potty and rush them to bathroom.  Lots of praise, encouragement, rewards, and accidents :)  (first step is throwing out all diapers - ah!!)  So, we were pumped and ready to go.  I will say---it was a tough one to start as Will was SUPER tired and cranky from a long day at Daycare, but we started anyway.  Saturday - I would say we were at about 50/50---as the day went on he got better and better.  Night time he definitely hasnt' woken us up yet to say he has to go, and we are considering putting him in a pull-up, just b/c it seems like we will be changing sheets for quite awhile (however, he woke up dry this past morning and we have about 4 layers of sheet/mattress pads )  Anyway, so far he hasn't gotten a poop in the potty, but after 3 days at Marilees and St. Luke's he has only had 1 pee-pee accident.  We of course started the "Pee pee in the potty" song and dance that occurs once Will successfully goes.  Yes, Patrick, myself and Will all dance around and sing this...  :)  At least we are having fun!!

Now for Ellie girl - ok, it seems SO cruel and heartless when I even admit that we started to let her cry it out.  I hate saying that and it absolutely was SO hard for my Mama heart to let her do this.  But, honestly, she cried for about an hour Friday night (we just ripped the band-aid off for the poor girl - she was used to being swaddled in the rock and play, and we put her in her crib in her room without swaddle)  Anyway, after that hour, she did really great through the night - and only woke up once!)  Every night since, she has done better and better!! Nap times through the weekend were pretty rough for her too - (and so rough on me I had to leave the house for a bit)  But, I know it's really good for her, for her other caregivers, for myself too if we are all sleeping a bit better, and that she can learn to self-soothe.  I just told myself - she won't remember this, she won't remember this.  And luckily - she still woke up and gave me these adorable grins--- I just can't get enough of her, and can never give enough kisses all over those sweet cheeks!!

Summer fun!!

We have had such a great August!! It has defnitely flown by!  Early August we celebrate Grandma Bobbie's 60th birthday in Beatrice.  We had SO much fun!! Amy and I put together memories from Mom's friends and family - the goal was to get 60 and we surpassed that!  Mom loved getting to read the stories, and I can't say how much I loved receiving them throughout the end of July - I would get so excited to read what someone wrote and shows how loved Mom is - and was so fun to hear stories from friends from when she was a young Mom (around my age, or even before!)  (What, my Mom had a life before me?!!)  A wonderful party in Beatrice too to celebrate Mom - and we had a blast all weekend in NE - and spent some time at the pool too!

We also had Ellie's 4 month appointment (where we waited ANOTHER 1 1/2 to see the Dr. and decided we are going to switch back to our old clinic with Dr. Espe - even if it's a further drive, that was the second time and we were getting pretty upset.  Not ok for both the 2 month and 4 month, scheduled appointments to wait that long!!! UGH!)  Anyway, everytrhing looked great, Ellie weighed in at 15 lbs 12 oz (80%). 

Ellie is just getting more and more fun!! She is giggling lots and just lights up when she sees Mommy and Daddy, and Will too!  Her brother still is a pretty big fan, and usually is smothering her with kisses and "Hi sweet girl" - and he hears me say "It's ok, it's ok, mommy's here" and he repeats that to her all the time in a soft voice all up in her face!  Ha! She gets plenty of love and attention.