Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My favorite things...

Some of my favorite things about being a mom and about Will at this point in time:

1) My absolute, hands-down, favorite sound in the world-- is the sound of Will's laugh.  It is the most genuinely happy, sincerely innocent and sweet sound, and I can't get enough of hearing it.  We are lucky he is really happy, laughs easy and we get to hear it often!

2) I love walking into Will's room in the morning when he wakes up---he is usually patiently waiting in his crib, either playing or standing up, and when he sees Patrick or I walk in, he is so excited and usually squeals with delight! I love our morning bottle, when he is still waking up (I think he wakes up slowly like his mama... dad wakes up and pops right out of bed and is ready to go), he plays with/ rubs his ears as he drinks his bottle.

3) Will gets so excited when we walk him around, or when he pulls himself up to stand, which is pretty much all the time now.  He is getting more and more steady--- I know those first steps are just around the corner.

4) I love when Will sneezes....he sneezes hard (like his mom and dad both!!) and then smiles really big, like it felt so good to get that out (doesn't it always feel so good to sneeze?!)  Anyway, I giggle everytime along with him!

5) Will is starting to imitate us!! He was a lion for Hallowen (shoot, I'll post pics seperately soon), and we worked on him 'roaring', and he really would do it after we did!  He will say 'Hi' and wave quite a bit, and lately when he hears us asking a question, he will sometimes say 'yeah'---it's so funny when he says it so clearly, but then of course it's not consistent and can't ever seem to be done on command.  He will also give Mama kisses too at times...he leans forward and basically opens his mouth (it's ok, i'll take open-mouthed wet kisses from him anytime!)

6) Will loves people!! I have said it in several posts, but no matter if we are at the grocery store, going on a walk, at church, and even at daycare, all we hear is that we have such a sweet boy and how cute he is.  The ladies at Daycare: Melita, Cathy and Emily always tell us that he is just so sweet---that they let him get away with more because he is just so cute.  Emily told us that she really likes Will b/c he will always laugh at her and thinks she is really funny :) 

7) Will is getting more comfortable sleeping other places and staying overnight ---FINALLY!  He did great when we were at the lake, and actually this past weekend, he had his first overnight slumber party, and he stayed with Renae, Lily, and Ava---they gave him lots of attention and he did great!! He had so much fun and we were so grateful to trust that he was in great hands, and as we have said for awhile now... Lily is going to be a great babysitter someday, we can't wait until we can steal her more often :)

8) I love driving home from work, or the gym, or wherever I am coming from, knowing that I will get to see my Bubba when I walk in the door.  It's the best, and I can't ever seem to get home fast enough.  Seeing that sweet smile again when I walk in the house, after being away from him all day, is the best feeling ever.  (We have been working it out that I generally always drop Will off in the morning, and P picks up)

9) Will LOVES playing with his trucks.  When we get home from work- we 'play'--which typically is emptying all of our toys out of the bag, but Will always goes right for his trucks....he has about 3 now that he loves.  He 'drives' and scoots them all over the house, and could keep him entertained for hours!  He is all boy....(I don't think I owned one truck growing up---so different, all I had were dolls and books! ha!)  I love watching him grow into being a little boy.

10)  Everynight (close to it), I still get to rock Will to sleep at night (P usually gets dinner ready--thanks babe!)  We put his Pj's on in his room, turn on the sound machine, turn out the light, Will drinks his bottle, and once he is done, he gets his pacifer and he snuggles into Mama to go to sleep.  Ahhhh--- such a sweet time that it almost is making me tear up when I write this.  I give him lots of kisses (I don't think I can ever kiss him enough) and I know this time is so precious and he will grow up so fast.  So I enjoy every single moment, and kiss and squeeze him all I want now! 

I truly love being a Mom... It's so funny that all my friends told me how amazing it is, but really you have no idea until you experience it yourself.  And that's what makes me so very, very excited for all my friends now that are just having babies or expecting their first.  I just know how much love it'll bring in their lives and can't wait for them to experience it all too!!  Being a Mom has definitely made me a better person, it's taught me even more how to manage my time, manage my priorities, to know an unconditional love that only a mom can have for her child.  I love you Bubba Bear.  You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

11 months old!