Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We made it!

Well, I survived my trip to New Orleans - with a few emotions along with it.  My flight was leaving at 8am, and I got a call from my sister at 2am that she was going in labor with Tutu!! Ahhh!!!  Anyway, I thought maybe I would get to see her before my flight took off.  Unfortunately, my flight literally took off right as Tutu came into the world.  I am so glad that everything went so well, even though I couldn't see her for 4 days!  Tutu aka Gwyneth Elizabeth Lewis is absolutely perfect!  She is so beautiful and I'm so honored that we share the same middle name.  So sweet and special.  Along with not getting much sleep, it was a crazy day/evening when we get to New Orleans I basically had to present our show to all of the Cerner group that was at HIMSS (which we were NOT ready to do, but did anyway)  We got through it as best as we could, but I wasn't sure how my reputation would hold up (luckily our shows for the actual clients got RAVE reviews and justified the whole thing :))  After getting back to my room that night, exhausted and worn out, I got news that my Grandma Meyer passed away.  She left this earth on the same day her great-grand daughter was born.  It's the true circle of life.  Grandma will be missed, most definitely, but it truly was a celebration.  I will always be inspired by the courage in which she faced her death, and how she faced it and lived her whole life---trusting 100% in God, loving him completely, and unselfishly.  She was a teacher, but also a great student and always loved learning.  I have lots of sweet and wonderful memories with and of Grandma.  She also accepted Patrick so easily into the family, and of course, loved her sweet William :)  We will see you again someday Grandma.

In other news, we are just getting back into the swing of things--- Patrick is heading to Chicago this weekend to visit some friends and enjoy St. Patrick's day up there!  I'm excited for him to have a boys weekend, and Will and I will hold down the fort!    So excited for spring time right around the corner and of course, March Madness!!

Will still melts my heart with the way he says, 'thank you' so sweetly after I hand him something or give him a cracker or something.  Or when he toddles around, kind of is unsteady on his feet and is trying to catch him balance and he says ' whoa'.  Or when he throws his sippy cup or something off his high chair and then says 'uh oh' like it was an accident :)  Or maybe best is when he just starts laughing uncontrollably about nothing really at all, which makes me start giggling, and gets him going even more.  I seriously get that deep, belly laugh that makes your stomach hurt---and I. love. it.

Snow day- staying warm inside as our power was out!

Enjoying a nice day out at the park

I need to do a better job of taking pictures lately!  I think back to when he wasn't moving as much, and I was able to just snap pictures of him as he laid around.  Now that he's mobile, it's harder for me to remember---but I'm vowing to do better and take some this Mama/Will weekend!
Looking out the window with Will's girlfriend!

Littler readers :)  Love them!