Friday, November 25, 2011

... Just kidding!!

Today is the day after Thanksgiving, I am 37 1/2 weeks pregnant....and we thought we were maybe going to have a baby today!  However, it was a false alarm.  Here is the story:

Started off making me wonder when I went to the bathroom at my in-laws at the end of a nice Thanksgiving Day, and when I wiped, was pretty sure I saw my mucus plug.  There wasn't any blood, I wasn't contracting, so I didn't think too much of it, but made a mental note to call my OB in the morning.  So, when I woke up this morning, I felt like I had wet my pants a little....more of a dribble than gush of urine or, after changing my pants (twice) thought I should call the clinic for sure and call Patrick.  Of course, office is closed for holiday's, but finally got the on call doctor to give us a call back and she told us to go into the hospital to check and see if it is my amniotic fluid.  OH MY GOSH!  We were thinking, is this really it?? It started feeling real when we packed up all of our bags and things we may need if we were going to be in the hospital for several days.  Also, I'm thinking I was going to do some Christmas decorating today, I needed to finish laundry, take a shower, etc :)  Funny how i need to remember that my plans really are tentative at this point! 

So, we drove to the hospital, again, I really was thinking most of the time that they would send us home....but they took us back to a room, put a fetal monitor on, got me in a gown, the whole works!  I was like, whoa now this is getting real!  Anyway, they did a few tests, and after the first one the nurse really thought it was amniotic fluid (they like babies to be delivered within about 12 hour window of water breaking, even though my water was more 'leaking')  So, they would just start inducing me if my contractions weren't starting....but, after a few more tests, looks like it was my mucus plug melting that was making me feel the leaking, no amniotic fluid just yet.  However, they did say I was having pretty regular contractions, about every 5 minutes for about a minute long.  So, that's pretty good, I just wasn't feeling them. So, they sent us home saying that they think he will come soon (of course, I'm thinking like soon today or next week??)  and to just wait and see if my contractions get stronger. 

Anyway, it was a bit of a false alarm, but I guess we will be even more ready when we actually do have to go in....which will be soon no matter what---even if it's 3 weeks from now!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  We definitely have been counting our blessings and can't wait to hold this little guy in our arms soon!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Photo Updates

I have been bad about posting pictures lately, so here are a few:

A few from my Nebraska shower (love the Halloween theme, as shower was on 10/30/11:

Only my Aunt Jane could put together a pregnant pumpkin giving birth :) Hilarious...and a little disturbing!

My wonderful shower hostess': Aunt Jane, Aunt Denni, and BFF Lindsay

My Kansas City shower was the following weekend on 11/5/11:  Amy and Lauren--thanks for ALL that you both did---it was such a great shower!!

Lastly, my co-worker wanted to take a picture of me at work, at 34 weeks:  (yes, thank you Cerner for jeans days everyday!! Makes it much easier to be comfy while pregnant!)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"You must be like 9 months pregnant or something..."

..Funny story, a teenage boy working at Coldstone asked me that as we were getting ice cream this weekend, as he stared at me with wide eyes, probably thinking I was HUGE and may pop at any minute!!  Haha--it was pretty funny. 

So, yes, I am, like, nine months pregnant or something....exactly 28 days left!! We have been busy getting ready for Baby A---this past weekend I got a ton done and feel much more prepared.....returned some things, took everything out of piles and put it away or organized, washed all his clothes and hung up, got nursery set-up/arranged, etc.  It was a full weekend, but made me feel more ready. We have been slowly adding a few things here and there to the bag we will take to the hospital too.  Patrick has been working hard on building some built-in bookshelves, and his goal was to have them done by Baby.....and he's getting close....they look great! (pictures to come soon!)

Otherwise, last Tuesday we were able to go to the KU exhibition game against Fort Hays State---it was really fun and we enjoyed watching the Jayhawks (I told Patrick it's a really good idea to take me to one of the first games of the season, so that way I feel like I get to know the guys and am more interested in watching the games throughout the season :))  Unfortunately, it was raining really hard when we were leaving the game, and walking in the rain, in the dark, being 9 months pregnant, and mostly uphill wasn't exactly ideal :)  I must say I was trying to stay positive, but I just hate being stuck in wet clothes (jeans especially) and wet socks.  Ugh.  I felt like it was fun to take our little guy to his first Jayhawk game too :)

I have been very blessed to have had 3 wonderful showers: a NE shower,, a Kansas City shower, and then a surprise work shower!  It really means so much to us all the love our little guy is getting already, and he has been spoiled! :) 

Starting my weekly appointments now with Dr. Wittek, going in tomorrow, so may have more to update then!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

He has dropped!

Today we had our 34 week check-up with Dr. Wittek-- and everything looks great still!  Baby's heartbeat was 140 and I'm measuring right on track.  I have one more 2-week appointment, then I will start going every week!  That seems pretty crazy... she did say that although it's not a medical term, the baby has 'dropped'!  Which she was really happy to hear b/c it means he is getting in place and my body is adapting, which usually helps for a successful vaginal delivery. So, that was fun news!

The other interesting thing, as I met with the maternity care coordinator to fill out all the paperwork, when I was signing consent forms for Baby A, and it asked for relationship---it seemed so 'real' to me when I wrote down Mother.  I was like, whoa this is really happening--- I am really a mother!  It was pretty cool!  Also, making it seem more official was that last night we ordered some Christmas stockings for our family of 3 with all of our names on it---so, since we aren't announcing his name, we can't hang up his sweet little stocking until he's born :)  BUT--was the first thing I've bought with his name on it--so made that seem pretty official too!  So exciting!! 

Hope all is well with everyone and hope you had a very Happy Halloween a few days ago!