Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Growing up so fast!

Well - it's now almost half-way to Feburary - Ellie is now 10 months!  I keep telling myself that maybe if I don't blog updates or plan birthday parties, we can just freeze time.....so far no luck with that. My only excuse is just that life is busy - and it's all good. 

Janurary was a great month.  It started off rough for our Ellie girl though - right after New Years, she developed some high temps and we took her to urgent care to find out she tested positive for RSV :(  Poor thing - she again was a trooper and only had a few rough nights of needing to sleep on Mommy or Daddy, and rest of the month she has done well/better on her breathing.  (I'm still holding my breath somewhat and waiting for the end of winter before we can really hope for it to clear up - so she's still getting twice daily breathing treatments with nebulizer, so we can prevent some of the wheezing before it gets too bad)

Otherwise, it was a big month for Ellie!  I remember wondering what age/stage they start 'doing more' and becoming more active... for Ellie at least, it seems that it was 9 months.  She turned 9 months on Jan. 3 - and on that day said 'Mama' for the first time!!! What a great gift - and one I will continue to remember.  She also started waving lots, and throwing her hands up to say 'SO BIG' - in fact, she'll do it so much, it cracks me up.  She also started crawling!!!  (On Jan. 14th to be exact - so 9 1/2 months)  And we knew that once she started, she would be off, and that is definitely the case!  I almost didn't remember what it was like to have two moving babies... and one night i was making dinner in the kitchen, and Ellie was standing at her playtable on the rug in the living room, and I went to look over to check and her and she was GONE!  I couldn't see her ANYWHERE!  So, I frantically went to the upstairs, as we are in the habit of leaving the door open and I thought maybe she made her way there, luckily she wasn't on the stairs.  I scanned back to the living room, to the back room where Will was playing and still couldn't see her.  Now, i'm panicked, and yelling "Patrick, I can't find Ellie"..... and all of a sudden, I spot her, she had crawled basically under our kitchen table and was just hanging out there, and was like ' oh hey Mom' once I found her!  Yikes!! That was a good reminder for me that she is mobile and now I'm definitely adjusted :) 

Besides started to crawl, Ellie is also enjoying playing with Will's toys - now that she is able to move around more to get them!  It drives Will crazy most of the time, and I can see that it's only just begun.  She gets this onery grin on her face when she takes his toys, like she knows that she shouldn't, but just can't help herself.  She is a hoot.  Every night before bed, we each give her a kiss, Will too, and no matter how tired she is, with binky in mouth, she gets this big grin on her face.  It's pretty sweet.  Tonight Will said, Ellie you're my best friend.  P and I looked at each other (we have really never said that to him or prompted that one at all) and just said, I hope you always feel like that buddy.  So special!  Coming from someone who is so very close to my only sister, I have always hoped they would be close, even though boy/girl.  so far, it's fun watching them interact and talk to each other in the car!

Speaking of talking - Will is still a jabberbox!  Maybe more if that's even possible.  The kid is a hoot.  The things that he says... I wish I could bottle it up and save it.  The other day he was crawling across the car to get out the door, and his foot was getting all tangled up/caught in the umbrella I had there, and he says "Oh gosh, what's happening?" And it's exactly like something I would say - even i nthe same tone.  I can't help but giggle.  It's so weird/surreal to hear your exact words and phrases played out by your kid - and to keep watching his personality develop - he's a fun dude. 

Will actually got a new big boy bed, and big boy room!! It's been fun seeing him in his big bed, and he's done really well (and fun for Mommy to decorate a new room!!)  He did happen to fall out of bed on 2nd night, and we bought a bedrail and all is well now.  Whew.  P and I both like that we can kind of snuggle with him, and sometimes doze off while taking weekend naps :)

January highlights -
- My birthday - P did such a good job making me feel special ALL day - started with Eggtc, then a mani/pedi during kids' nap time, and then best of all was an adult dinner out with all of our parents and Amy/Cody.  I honestly don't remember the last time I have had BOTH my parents with me on my birthday - it just worked that this year it fell on a Saturday and all could make it.  We had a lovely dinner at Michael Smith's and it was just awesome.

- Get together with Phi Mu girls - our annual Christmas get together - so blessed with amazing friends that always feel like 'home'.

- Nice weather days that we could enjoy the park!! Love these!!

- Superbowl party  - Michael, Ben, Amy and kids all came over - and we had a really nice night. 

I think that's about it for our monthly update! Hope you are all well - love and hugs - and in the words of Will everynight as we leave his room at night:

Will: "Hey Mommy - I gotta tell you something"
Me: "What do you need to tell me?" (knowing full well exactly what he's going to say)
Will: "Uhh, what animal has humps on his back?"
Me: "Ummm... a camel"
Will: "Good job Mommy"
Me: "Thanks Will, get some sleep now.... I love you to the moon and back"
Will: "I love you to the STARS and back" (he always has to win.... wonder where he gets that from!! :))