Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Halfway there!

A few pictures at Week 20:

Also, we had our Level 2 Sonogram yesterday, and everything else looks perfect and they are not concerned with any of the findings, so we were relieved to hear that and get to see him again! 

Other news, Baby A is moving more and more throughout the day--it's a fun reminder as I'm sitting at my desk all day at work :)  I love those movements and always a fun surprise when I get a big kick!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just for kicks

Yes, that's right--- Baby A is a kicking fool!!  Yep, our little boy is kicking/punching/something to me right as I type this!  I find it very difficult to concentrate on anything else and just smile to myself every time it happens!  So, yes, if anyone did not know yet- Baby A is a boy!!  We had our ultrasound last Friday, and are thrilled to be expecting a little boy and that everything looks normal.  I do have to go in this afternoon for a Level 2 sonogram, b/c there are some spots on the brain, that is completely normal in development, but they just have to check it.  Our OB told us basically that she's 100% sure everything is fine, based on how everything else looked from the sonogram.  So, I'm looking at it as another chance to see our little guy, and on an even better/more clear machine (I mean, I could always tell where the head was, but other than that, the lady totally had to point things out to me)  Even better than me just feeling kicks, Patrick felt some good ones last night too!!  YAY---I was so excited to share that with him and we just both stare at each other in amazement, "Oh, was that one?"  "Oh--that was a BIG one!"  "Oh, there it is again"  :)  Looking forward to many more weeks of these kicks, and wondering that if they feel that strong now, and I'm only at 20 weeks, how they will feel during my last month!!

So, yes, I am at the halfway mark of my pregnancy today!! Whoo-hoo!  I must say that now knowing we're going to have a boy, I have been antsy to start the shopping/planning part.  I have been looking online at nursery inspiration pictures and we may go out to a few stores in the next couple days to see what's out there, look at prices, etc.

But, in even BETTER news---I'm so happy to say, that today/this  morning, Patrick accepted a position at St. Luke's!!  St. Luke's is a great health system in KC, and he will be working as a Quality Analyst in their Women's/Children's Center (appropriate timing huh?!) which is at their Plaza location.  Anyway, I am so excited for him to start this new job and to further his career in healthcare administration!! Way to go babe!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Boy or girl??

We will find out soon!! Very soon--2 days in fact!  A lot of people have asked what we prefer, and it's so cliche, but really as long as the baby is healthy we would be thrilled with either.  We'll post the results soon, and a picture to come soon.  Here are some of my favorite (and not so favorite) things about being prengant so far:

  • Feeling Baby A kick!  Seriously, I love love love it---something so miraculous about feeling human life growing and moving around in me. I first started feeling these flutters 2 weeks ago (Week 17)-- still not strong enough for Patrick to feel them, but hopefully soon!  Seems to happen every night when I lay down in bed---I love that baby A already has a routine....that's my Baby :)
  • Eating a few treats here and there and not feeling guilty :)
  • Seeing how sweet Patrick is about all of it--- I am so blessed to have a spouse that's so supportive, excited, and I know 100% that he's going to be the greatest Dad. 
Not so favorite:
  • Bloody noses
  • Leg cramps (intense leg cramps!!)
  • Sleepless nights (I think God is prepping me for no sleep--I'll be wide awake in the middle of the night, and have to go to the bathroom) Also not sleeping on my back is VERY hard!  I have to constantly remind myself to roll over to my side.
  • Back aches (mostly around bed time)
Until next time...