Sunday, November 24, 2013

October/November News

What's new with Will:

  • We got to experience the first home game for the Jayhawks as a family!  We had a great time - and Will did really well (luckily a nice lady was sitting behind us and helped to keep him entertained when he started to get tired)
  • We had a good Halloween - it was on a Thursday - so we went up to see Mimi, Grandpa, Emma, Brady, Brett and Angie and all had dinner before the kids put on their costumes.  We were planning on a penguin outfit - but Will was not wanting to put that on at all, so we bought a last minute costume at Target - and Will was a Dr. :)  A pretty cute doctor as well--- we went to a few of our next door neighbors, who all had special treats for Will - although he was more interested in putting candy back in their buckets than in taking it out to put in his :)  Oh - maybe next year!

  • Austin, TX - second weekend in November Patrick and I went to Austin for a long weekend trip for one of his college friends' wedding - Matt Brawner.  We had a great time!! Of course, it was really hard to leave Will, but he was in great hands with Mimi and Grandpa.  He did realize what was going on though, and had a tearful good-bye that ripped my heart, but I knew he would be ok soon after we left.
    • Thursday night - we enjoyed meeting up with our friends out in downtown Austin.  Went to a fun, 'older' area that had these cool bars that were in old houses.  They all had fun, unique character and it was like an old neighborhood with different bars.  Then, of course we went to 6th Street to experience it.  It reminded me a lot of a Bourbon Street - with bars up and down, the roads blocked off, music coming out of every bar, rooftop bars, and lots of unique characters :)  This preggo stayed out until 2am - pretty proud of myself
    • Friday - best part of an adult only trip - NO WAKE UP CALL!!  We slept in, until we woke up, and then went out for a fun brunch.  Had wonderful food - a carrot cake french toast (um, hello!!), and an awesome omlette, etc.  We walked around the area - had really fun shops in South Congress.  Then, we basically just drove around and saw as much as we could of Austin: drove through the campus (Univ. of Texas - Longhorns), drove past the capital, drove around a fun park and saw a pool that was made of fresh spring water, people swimming in early November (weather was really nice - like spring weather, about 70 degrees or so), we grabbed a few tacos at one of the many taco stands, and drove out to get ready for Matt's wedding.  The wedding was in a unique area also - it looked like a scene from an old western movie.  Some guy had bought land and would transfer these older looking houses to fit the scene he was going for, and brought these hosues in from all over the US.  It was a nice ceremony, and we had a lot of fun hanging out with our friends.
    • Saturday - we got up and drove about 2 hours to College Station to meet up with Brian and Michaela for the A&M game. It was SO nice to get to meet Lily (she was almost 4 months) and to see Dylan and where they live.  The game was SO fun!! What an awesome experience with the many traditions of A&M football (the chants, cheers, whooping, ring ceremonies, and just die-hard fans.  I'm pretty used to being in die-hard football fan country, but these Texans take their football seriously!)  We got pizza after the game, and had a really nice day/night.
    • Sunday - our trip home. Luckily, uneventful trip and we were very happy to see Bubs!  I was relieved that he reached out for me right away when I saw him and we got right back into it

Took another quick trip to the lake - had a lot of fun watching the kids together - Daniel and Will have so much fun together and are chasing each other around, giggling non-stop, and just have a ball together.  It's so fun to see!!  Mom, Amy, and I got some shopping done (can't say I remember the last time I had done some kid-free shopping!)

  • Last, but not least, we found out early November, that this little baby in my belly is a GIRL!!!!  Whoo hoo!!!  Bring on the pink, the headbands, dresses, and ruffles :)  We are thrilled- one of each, how fun!! We are pretty sure we know the name, but again, are going to keep it to ourselves until this little lady arrives. 
We count our blessings and thank God every day for how good He has been to us.  Happy Turkey Day to you all - we will be heading to NE to say Wed-Saturday and I'm excited for an extended stay up in NE!

Will's 2 year old photo shoot

I wanted to try to get some pictures of our family and of Will outdoors this year - so I found a fairly reasonably priced photographer and we took pictures in early November out at Shawnee Mission Park.  It was a VERY chilly morning, and I felt so bad for Will---it was a quick shoot - and we got a few good ones, better than I was expecting.