Monday, April 15, 2013

April update

Will is 16 months old-- and still so much fun!  He loves throwing balls, playing basketball, reading books, and being outside. Here are some other updates:

-We took Will to his first swim lessons a few weeks ago--I was SO excited.  He loved swimming last summer and I thought it would be a fun thing to do together for a few weeks in the evening.  Turns out he HATED it!! I shouldn't have been too surprised---he is pretty cautious at first about things, and gets scared somewhat easily (Patrick says he gets this from me, although Marilee tells me that this sounds JUST like Patrick when he was little!  Guess he gets it from us both!)  Anyway---even though the entire 30 minutes of his swim lesson he was crying/screaming, seriously I felt like I was torturing that sweet boy--- the next week lessons were cancelled due to an AFR in the pool (Accidental Fecal Release!)  Still laughing at that term, but got us out of deciding if we were going to go back. 

Such a sweet boy- even though he is a little scared of the pool :)

- Not sure if this is related, but right after that swim lesson,  Will has had a hard time wanting to take a bath.  He used to LOVE it---when if we said bath, he would literally take off for the bathroom and squealing/kicking leg up to get in.  Now---we basically have to force him/hold him down in there.  Last night was a little better, but it was over a week, we have been concerned if we scared him.....but along with the swim lesson/bathtime troubles...Will had fevers that weekend after his first lesson- and turns out he has an ear infection, so we have been fighting that off, but he has been doing pretty well.  Sleeping better now on antibiotics.  Last night bath went better than before, so we are hoping he is over it :)

-We went to St. Louis this past weekend to go to one of Patrick's friends from college's wedding.  It was so nice of my Uncle John and Aunt Kathy to watch Will while Mom and Dad enjoyed a day out together!  We all had a great time! Here are some fun pictures Kathy took:

Shooting some hoops with Uncle John

Sweetest face in the world

My Bubs

Love those smiling eyes :)

Will got a haircut (during his ear infection) Did well and looks SO grown up!

First day of March Madness- cheering on the Jayhawks--good season KU!

Easter 2013 family pic

This year we stayed in KC for Easter- and enjoyed a great and beautiful day with Bill, Marilee and all the fam.  It was a great day and Will loved being outside, although didn't quite grasp the concept of hunting for eggs---next year I guess!

Rocking the skinny jams before bed- and looking like a little angel :)

My better half and best friend