Monday, September 26, 2011

Babymoon trip

So, this past weekend Patrick and I went on a long weekend trip to Savannah, GA and Tybee Island.  We had both heard good things about Savannah, and I'm so glad we went!  It was a perfect little getaway, and saw so many cool things! 

Thursday night- we left after work and after rain delays in Atlanta, we almost didn't leave KC that evening. Luckily, our connecting flight in Atlanta was JUST the right amount of time, but we still had to do the whole run-as-fast-as-you-can-until-out-of-breath through the airport and made it just in the nick of time (ok, disclaimer, Patrick had our 2 carry-on bags, backpack and he sprinted.... I jogged as good as I could, but slowed down when I no longer had air in my lungs---geeze... I USED to be in shape! haha!)  So, we made it in late Thursday night and were happy to get a good nights sleep!

Friday- we explored the city and started our walking early!  Took a 90 minute trolley tour and were baking in the heat/humidity.  (Ok, I was NOT a smart packer and only brought jeans/leggings, which it was way too hot for...didn't realize the humidity that would be greeting us there!)  So, our first stop after the tour was to the Gap where I found some larger shorts on clearance that I wore the rest of the trip! What a relief!  Then, we spent the rest of the day at Forsyth Park (loved it!), the Mercer Williams mansion (where Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil was filmed and based on), and along River Street and the City Market.  We loved sitting in and trying to stop in all the 22 squares in the city, but made it to probably about half or more. One of the stops was where Forest Gump bus stop scene was filmed!  My favorite thing was all the live oak trees with the Spanish moss---so pretty!  Then, we cleaned up for a bit (I put my feet up for a bit!) and then had a late dinner at the Olde Pink House.  It was an old mansion turned restaurant, was fine dining and had GREAT seafood and southern cuisine--- some of the best friend green tomatoes I have had!  Great service too and very romantic place!  We loved it!

Saturday - we did more exploring, eating, and made our way to Tybee Island early evening on a $3 shuttle they offer.  We loved this laid-back, very chill island town (this actually is where Nicholas Sparks' book The Last Song was filmed...they said they have seen about double the size of visitors since then!)  In fact, we definitely want to return again for longer, renting a nice vacation rental on the beach...such a clean, quiet, and wonderful beach.  It was still very warm out, we walked for awhile and then swang on a nice swing on the beach for awhile.  We stayed at a bed and breakfast that we found there, and it was a good location, but the owner Nick was a huge tool.  Not what we were expecting from him, but the rooms were clean and comfortable, that's all that matters I guess.  That night we saw a restaurant we really wanted to try about 1.5 miles from our B&B.  Even though my feet were killing me, and realizing I'm way more out of shape than I thought, I was hoping this place would be worth it....and it was!! (Funny story, on our walk, we passed another couple, and the guy was wearing a Husker shirt!  Patrick noticed and pointed it out, and turns out they were from Lincoln!! They were on the island for a wedding...lots of weddings there...and were walking to it was nice to chat with them for awhile...what a small world!)  This place was in a strip mall, and looked like it could have been a Chinese restaurant right when we walked in from the decor and size of the place, but it was SO good.  The menu was awesome and everything we had was amazing.  Great way to end the night!

Sunday- lastly, we had breakfast at a raved about place in the morning....was good, but Eggtc still has our hearts :)  and then made our way back to Savannah and then on to the airport.  Last funny story here-- when picking up some gum at the airport, the lady checking me out says--- let me guess, you are having a boy?!  I said, yes, how could you tell?  She said that she had had two girls and a boy, and she can just tell...she said, with a girl, you want to dress nice, look pretty and all, and with a boy you are just more lazy.....SOOO what your saying is I look like crap lady?! :)  Haha--granted I didnt' look nice and was craving a nice hot shower, but who doesn't look like a hot mess when travelling... I guess I do!! :)  Anyway, I got a kick out of that and then wondered why she didn't stop with just "you must be having a boy" :)  Oh well...

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Lastly, Congrats to our cousin Tony and his wife Emily, and their son John on the new addition to their family as well--- a little baby girl, Josie who was born today--this makes the 3rd Altenhofen family addition this year (all girls)...I guess we had to break the trend and have a boy to even things out :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Introducing Emma!

Our sweet and perfectly beautiful niece was born yesterday at 1:50pm, at 7 pounds, 5 ounces.  Her name is Emma Elizabeth, and she sure has a full head of dark hair!  Congrats to Angie, Brett, and big brother Brady! (he's pretty tickled about his Sissy)

Otherwise, update for us, 84 days to go and just starting my 3rd trimester today!! In my BabyCenter updates today, they talk about Restless Leg Syndrome, which I definitely have from time to time!  It's such a strange feeling, it's like I just can't keep my legs still.  I actually had talked to my OB about it a few appointments ago, and she said it was a real medical I got a chuckle when I saw it in my updates.  It's funny how so many unusual things become usual during pregnancy :)  Oh, speaking of unusual, I didn't mention in my last post how I have a new love of red meat/ fact, I actually ordered a STEAK at the restaurant this past Saturday night!!  For anyone that knows me, this is highly unusual and I can't tell you if I've ever done that....the night before I had pork tenderloin also!  I just keep thinking that A) I need the protein/nutrients/iron from the meat  B) it tastes good, so why not?? and C) if this little guy is anything like his Dad, he will be a steak and potatoes guy , so I'm doing it for his enjoyment also! :)  So, when people ask me if I have any strange food cravings, I really don't, it's more just me eating foods that seem weird to me!  I have also begun a new hobby and increasing my confidence in baking!  I seriously have become a little obsessed with wanting to bake something every weekend--and I must say all of my experiments have turned out pretty delicious!  I hope it's something I continue after Baby gets there too---something theraputic about it, and I like sharing the treats too!!  But, I'm enjoying the 'fun' stuff to eat also and having the excuse that it's 'for the baby'.

Happy Tuesday to all!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Almost a new niece....

Well, we are anxiously awaiting word from Brett and Angie on the birth of their baby girl!  At noon, Angie was at a 4 and just got her epidural.  We really can't wait to see this sweet girl, AND to know what her name is! (We are realizing how suspenseful it can be when you don't know the name!!)  Anyway, praying that all goes well and we'll get to meet her tonight!

Otherwise, we all had a great weekend. Friday night we got to celebrate with Patrick's Uncle Chip's swearing in party as the new Jackson County judge.  Congrats Chip!!  What an Honor :)  Saturday, Mom was in town and she came over to paint the nursery. We are SO happy with the color and how it turned out.  Mom and I both think it's a good sign that we chose the color...Contented.  Maybe it'll be a good omen for the room and we'll have a very content baby :)  We also got some stuff to help organize the nursery closet and maximize our space!  Had a nice dinner with Mom, and to top it off, wins for both the Huskers and Bearcats!  Great way to spend a rainy Saturday.  Sunday we had brunch at Amy and Cody' to play with Daniel.  He's at such a fun age--smiling a lot, 'talking' to us, and he's just such a happy, laid-back guy.  I can't get enough of him!!  Then, we went up to our friends Lauren and Reid's and spent the evening with them and their son, Jack.  Had a good dinner, played some good pitch, and just enjoyed catching up with them.  Funny story-- Lauren was feeling my stomach to feel Baby A kick...and Jack wanted to do the same!  It was sweet--- we kept telling him the baby was in my stomach, which he then proceeded to try to lift up my shirt to see the baby! Haha---sorry Jack, few more months.  We know Jack will be a great teacher and like a big brother to Baby A. 

Here is a picture of the nursery so far:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

27 Weeks!

Feeling really great as I wrap up the 2nd trimester here....I've been feeling great, really don't have any complaints.  Just praying things continue to go smoothly and our little guy keeps growing bigger and bigger!