Friday, January 13, 2012

So curious

Will has been such a good boy this week!  He has been sleeping very well (ok, ok, still in bed with us, we are working on weaning him of this and I am making a promise that he will for sure be out of our bed by at least 3 months!) , not only has he been sleeping well, but he is also doing better with being put down during the day too!  He loves to be held, and as much as I want him to just snuggle up to me, he is always wanting to look around and see what all is going on.  He loves to put his head back (about as far as could possibly go!) and he looks up at the ceiling, outside, towards the light, really anything!)  He is looking at us and making eye contact more and more, and we have both gotten small side-smiles, but we are both waiting for that really big, toothless grin when he's staring right at us!  I know it's coming, because he has really great smilies right when he is falling asleep---I love those sweet smiles and sometimes giggles too in his sleep! 

This weekend we are hosting Patrick's friends for our last Christmas party.  I'll post pictures from my Phi Mu friends' Christmas party and this weekend as well.  We are so lucky to have such great friends to celebrate with.  Hope you all  have a great weekend as well!

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