Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fun in the fall

The past few weeks have been pretty busy around our house---and our baby boy is growing up so fast!  We have both been busy with work--and I am SO proud of Patrick--he got a promotion at work that is much deserved! He works so hard and has done such a great job at St. Lukes--so excited for him and for his new role as an Operational Consultant for the entire health system!! Whoo-hoo!!

Will has been doing great overall.  The past several weeks, we have been trying to figure out what the cause of his bad diaper rash was.  He was having lots of diarrhea, so those frequent dirty diapers were giving him constant diaper rash--and it got really bad a few weeks ago.  At that point, the doctor suggested Neutromagin (sp?) formula that basically broke down the formula to leave out the cow's milk allergens - and to leave out dairy in his diet.  (Side note--that stuff smells so nasty--going down AND on the way out!)  After getting used to that taste, and noticing that his diaper rash cleared up and less loose stools---we were doing a lot better.  Also side note--that stuff is WAY expensive!  So, Dr. Espe called and said after we are done with our free samples, since Will is close to 1 year, we can start him on cow's milk.  Before we even started him on milk, we added in some lasagna we had made that had some cottage cheese in it---and that night, Will woke up at midnight and his poor stomach was hurting SO bad.  He was having such bad gas pains, and would be farting now and then, and we could just tell he needed to get it out.  He would get so uncomfortable though, he just couldn't fall asleep, and stay asleep.  So, after 2 shifts each, and about 1 1/2 later, he slept just fine.  Patrick researched on his phone at that time, and we decided since that next morning we were supposed to start regular milk---we decided to get a lactose-intolerent milk, and so far Will has had that for 2 days now and is getting along fine.  So, we'll keep our fingers crossed, and hopefully it was just a sensitivity and something he'll get over.  (*My Mom was telling me this weekend how whenever I was sick, they would take milk out of my diet and I would feel better...I've always had somewhat of an upset stomach, so hopefully Bubba didn't get my sensitive stomach)

Lastly, we got to go down to the Lake this weekend and help Mom and Don move into their new house!!!  It was so fun--and it's going to be so nice to have our own place!  It's a perfect place for them, and it's very wide open, and we can now envision where we will make lots of fun memories!  Cheers to that :)

Happy boy

Standing up almost all by myself

Helping G&G Johnsen move in to the new lakehouse--and playing with my first pumpkin!