Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sunshine and Summertime

Now that it is officially summer - I thought I would summarize what we have been up to!

Really fun month that was very busy with lots of fun things!  I will do a separate post on Disney trip, but that was from May 15-20, and was more magical than I could have even imagined - I fell in love hard with Disney.

May was also fun with an adult night out to see Garth Brooks in concert with our friends Brad and Kristen, and Erin Groopman.  He puts on SUCH a great show, it's fun when you know the words to every song, everyone is singing and he is so talented.  VERY good show - and we all had a blast!  Then, I was able to go see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in Lincoln with my mom and sister - we were able to meet up with my best friend since 5th grade, Lindsay and her mom, sister and sister in law.  We had lots of fun laughing and giggling before the concert - the concert was pretty good, but hard when I had just seen Garth.  The girl time was by far the highlight!! Loved the 3 hour drive in the car with my sister too!!

Then, we had Mother's Day, which was very special and always nice.  The kids and Patrick spoiled me- and we got to celebrate Mimi too!

After Disney, we were able to go down to the lake for Memorial Day - it's always so nice to get to spend our long weekends at the lake.  Will is ALL about fishing!! That kid could fish all day long!!! He is also getting more and more brave, jumping in the water and swimming off the dock on his own.  He still wants to go very slow on the jetski and boat, but hey - he has come a long way!  Ellie loves to play at the water table and in the pool, she likes fishing with all the older cousins for a little bit, and is a little hesitant to get in the water unless mom or dad are holding her.  It's really fun to see the kids grow and play together at the lake for those weekends.  We are so blessed.

We got to celebrate Grandpa D and Cody's birthday at my Dad's in Atchison.  We got a slip and slide and the kids had a great time playing and splashing!! Grandpa has a perfect backyard and we love our visits to his house, and playing with his tractors.  Patrick had his guy's trip that weekend to Colorado - and they all had a great time.  So fun they do these trips every summer.  We miss him though - and were SO excited to see him when he got home (on my way to Atchison, I may have gotten a speeding ticket.... I had pulled over on the side of the road and the kids were asking what happened.  I said Mommy was going a bit too fast, etc.  So, right when Patrick gets home, Will rats me out and tells Daddy that mommy was in the grass, b/c she was driving too fast.  Patrick put two and two together and I was busted. Come on Will, give me a few minutes to tell Daddy myself!)

Next weekend, I went to Winston-Salem, NC to visit one of my best friends from college, Caitlin Harness.  I flew out with her twin sister Carlie - and we had a blast!! Was so fun to see where she lives, meet her friends, go to her pool, and have lots of fun (and drinks :))  It was a nice, long weekend trip!! So thankful for good friends that feel like home.

The following weekend was my cousin Spencer's wedding in Lincoln.  Spencer and Sidney have been dating for 7 years, so Sidney has been part of the family for awhile.  It was so very fun to see all of my cousins, aunts and uncles - and I love a good wedding and dance party!!  The kids enjoyed the donut wall, dancing (although Will was more inclined to sit at Grandpa Don's feet and watch - but Daniel and Gwynnie were dancing away, and Ellie loved dancing with Daddy)  Patrick was so nice to take the kids home and my sister, Mom and I stayed until the dance was over, and got home around 1:30am!! Late night for us old-timers :)  I love, love my family and when we all get together!!
Father's Day was the next morning and we got Daddy an experience to go deep sea fishing with his brothers and dad when we are in Gulf Shores (in late July)  We also go to spend the afternoon at Mimi and Grandpa's and was a fun day celebrating Patrick, and all the wonderful Dad's.

My last weekend in June was celebrating my friend Julie Lawson's bachelorette party.  We took a bus to 3 wineries north of KC - and had fun celebrating her and getting to hang with my pal, Erica.

Exactly 7 years apart

Ellie - loves doing her gymnastics, calls me out when I wear a 'silly dress' (one with some fun patterns/design), she loves to wear dresses, her new big girl bed, and her swim lessons

Will - graduated from pre-school with Miss Mary at St. Luke's, we are so lucky Will had such an amazing teacher to get him ready for Kindergarten, and we will miss all the great teachers there and Will's buddies.  I may have shed a few tears at his graduation.  He loves to play anything competitve, did t-ball at the J this summer (not the best experience, but oh well) and hasn't met a stranger - he is Mr. Social.  He loves to watch racing cars or boats on the iPad, and has also gotten an obsession with Monster Trucks/monster jam.  He is such a fun kid, with a big heart - shows a lot of empathy - and I love the snuggles he still likes to give his mom at nights and in the morning.  I soak it up.

Whew - we have been busy!!! But it's all so fun, and I love these experiences and memories we are creating.  Life has treated us kind, and I don't take for granted the love we have, our health, our good fortune, and I pray that we are raising our kids to be good humans, to be respectable young kids, to have kind hears, to be hard workers, and most of all - that they love Jesus.  This is my Mother's prayer - we are all doing our best to raise these littles right, and I'm so lucky to have the best partner to do that with.

Now, back to work I go (a good, brief pause in my working day is good and healthy!)

Blessings to you all!