Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Fever!

Oops - I let all of winter go by without too much to post?? Does that happen on purpose?? I know we definitely slow down a lot in the winter, with not as much going on on our social calendar, and that's also really nice!! We have gotten to really enjoy our weekend with the kids - these average, boring, not much scheduled weekends are just as fun as those jam packed with activities.  Our typical Friday night is hanging out together  - probably either having a dance party, wrestling on the floor, Ellie playing with her dollies - she LOVES to play with her dolls.  It's so sweet.  She loves to put a blanket over them, and then pat their backs over and over.  We hear she loves to do this at daycare too, and honestly it could keep her busy for hours.  Will loves action figures, cars, legos, and still loves to have someone to play WITH him - he is less of an independent player, and LOVES any sport, frisbee, ball and is quite competitive :)  I have a feeling we are going to have to have some talks on being a good sport, as he cries now when he is just starting to get behind on Candyland :)

For the most part - the kids play really well together and it makes my heart so happy when they play well (why as parents is that so gratifying?? I guess b/c we hope they will be lifelong friends and take care of each other, even when we aren't around)  Anyway, I love the way Will gets protective of her sometimes, and gives her hugs, and I hope he will always play that big brother role.

Ellie is still a sass, she knows how to get her way, and has her Mama wrapped around her finger.... she still usually needs to sit on my lap during meals (mostly b/c I think she wants to pick off my plate AND hers!) and wants me to carry her around.  And even though she is HEAVY (30 lbs) and probably getting too old for it, I LOVE it and will enjoy the baby stage as long as it will last.

Will keeps acting more and more grown up.  The things he picks up and the way he talks - for example - we were driving home  yesterday and he said, "I don't like St. Patrick's Day as much as Easter, Easter is better." I said, "I know, I like Easter too, because it's about Jesus saving us" and he thought really hard about it for a minute, and said "Saving us from the Easter Bunny?" :)  He is such a fun, sweet kid, and I just am loving having real 'adult' conversations with him.

So - biggest update with Patrick and I since I last posted was our awesome, amazing, wonderful trip to EUROPE!  I got to go for work to London, and Patrick joined in for the last 2 days, and then we went to Paris for the weekend.  Oh - it was magical!!! I fell head over heels in love with Paris.  I have been there twice - once in high school, and once in college, and man, it was SO different this time.  I appreciated it all more I think - and how perfect to be there with my favorite person!!! AND - it was on my birthday.  How perfect!  The kids stayed with my mom, and even though I know it was a lot - I love that they all have those memories and bonding time together!

Anyway - we are approaching Easter, Ellie's 2nd birthday and lots of summer fun!  Hopefully I will post sooner the next time.  Until then, I pray for God's blessings on you, on my sweet family and hope you take some time to reflect this Good Friday on the the sacrifice Jesus made for us so that we can can live with Him in eternity and so we have the opportunity to get to Heaven.  Thank you Jesus!