Tuesday, May 13, 2014

One month - My Favorite Things (and what I've learned thus far...)

Well, after a month of having this sweet girl in our lives - while feeding her once, I jotted down in my phone some things that I had forgotten about having a newborn - here are some thoughts that I wanted to remember, just in case we don't experience it again:

  • Don't get too attached to what I'm wearing that day - I will likely get spit up on at some point, leaky milk at another point, and then after changing twice, may get pooped on too!  Bring on the laundry!
  • How so very sweet those angel smiles are - AND the real smile!!  Ellie smiled at me for the first time last week (May 6th to be exact - she was just over a month)
  • How much they sleep early on (about a month of almost all-day sleeping) - and how easy it is to go out and do things when they are sleeping so much!
  • How they somehow like to be awake though from 2-5 am ;)
  • How they start getting gas pains and grunting in the evenings - the bewitching hours
  • How much they want to be held early on - really can't get too much done, but that's ok - I'm enjoying it too -but can be so frustrating when they are sleeping SO well in your arms and the minute you put them down, always seem to wake right up, until you do the cycle all over again!
  • How fast the early days/months go - and how much they change so early on.  It's so fun watching her grow and change in to the person she will be - and how much I treasure each moment and savor these sweet days
  • That arguably one of the best feelings in the world is holding my snuggly, sleeping baby all curled up on my chest ** (other best feelings: seeing that huge heart-melting smile, hearing a loud belly-laugh from your baby, when they start toddling around "drunken sailor walks", having them crawl/walk so fast to you when picking them after work, hearing your sweet baby say "I love you Mommy", and feeling them wrap their arms around your neck and giving you a big hug**)
  • How when I'm really tired, a hot shower works wonders to make me feel 'normal' again
  • How frequently they poop  - how loud it sounds and then seeing there is only a bit in there and thankful it's just that nice, breastmilk smelling poop! (vs. toddler poopy diapers - ugh!)
  • How sweet your baby smells right after a bath --mmmmmm
  • Their perfect little featurs - their fingers, their little toes, ears, all so miraculously perfect
  • The feeling when they grab on to your finger so tightly - like they never want you to let go

Ok - now what I've learned and loved seeing so far:

  • Will can unlock/lock the door by himself! (One day, I wanted to get one little thing done, so I went and took the trash out to the trash can right by our garage, well, Will I think was trying to get out too, but ended up locking the door!  OMG! I was locked out of our house, with my 2 babies in there!  I had no phone on me, no other keys, etc.  Luckily, I tried my best not to panic and I asked him to unlock the door, as I continously jiggled the handle - and he got it back open - PHEW) Lesson learned.
  • It's fun to ask now how the 'kids' are vs. just asking how Will's day was, how is Will, etc.  - such a minor noun change, but can make you feel so complete
  • Speaking of - now the next question everyone asks " Are you done having kids now?" - too soon people! and the answer is, we don't know yet!
  • How much it fills my heart with so much happy just watching Will interact with Ellie - he likes to give her her binky, gives her nice kisses, likes to hold her, and just be around her
  • Getting the hang of the stay at home mom thing - going to be SO hard to go back!  We like to plan at least one thing to get out of the house.  If the weather is nice, it's easy.  If not, we go somewhere - and it's such an accopmlishment to get out of the house with everyone fed, changed, happy, and have all the supplies needed in diaper bag :)  Makes me feel like such a Super Mom when we get in the car finally!!
Lastly - some other funny things from Will:
  • He brought out a lamb blanket he has had for a long time - and I asked what the lamb's name was and Will responds with "Jesus Christ".  So sweet - and I guess he is learning!  Very profound my child. (other times he will say we need to go to church to pray to Jesus the Christ) :)
  • When I'm pumping, he says all seriously to me " You pomping Mommy?" - "Oh, good job Mommy"
  • Loves singing loudly!! - Frozen "Let it Go", You are my Sunshine, I love you WIlliam (our two songs we sing everynight - and I love when he joins in with us to sing along)
  • He knows just how to get my iPad, log into his games/shows, and loves watching anything on the "Hi-Pad" as he calls it