Monday, January 16, 2012

Boy, you make me smile...

Yes!!  We have finally seen our sweet boy smile (side note: I have been seeing his sweet angel smiles as he is falling asleep, so I know how cute it can be....) but we have been waiting to see those smiles with his eyes open and looking at us.  Today, about 3 different times he smiled-- and while looking right at me :)  that little side smile makes all the lack of sleep and sacrifices so worth it!  Anyway, this completely made my day and has been my favorite milestone so far. 

This past weekend was so much fun, just laying low mostly.  We had our last and final Christmas party with all of Patrick's friends and got to spend Sunday up and Bill and Marilee's, and enjoyed the 60 degree weather (seriously, this has been such a mild winter---it's so nice to be able to get out to go on walks with Will as much as we have!) 

Will has been really fun lately, just very alert, looking at us each more and making fun faces and noises.  This morning he was so happy, just in his swing and smiling away.  I love that he seems happy and content---and even better he took a really nice, long morning nap and let me get a lot done around the house!! 

Here's to another enjoyable week---and his 2 month pediatrician appointment is this Thursday--excited to update with his stats (we are predicting he is a little over 10 pounds, so we'll see!!)

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