Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Belly laughs!!

Tonight we all got into big belly laughs - I swear there isn't a better sound in the world.  Will and Ellie had just gotten out of the bath, and E was in her diaper, trying to crawl, but instead she just was on her belly, kicking her arms and legs quickly, almost like she was swimming.  Well, Will thought that was the funniest thing in the world and he just laughed and laughed.  E then got a kick out of making him laugh, and she was giggling!! Of course, Patrick and I couldn't help but join in too.  Will then told Ellie to 'do it again' and on cue, she would kick and flutter again - and more giggles.  I was laughing so hard my cheeks and stomach hurt - P tried to catch a bit on video, so if I can, I'll try to post - I always think, I want to remember those sweet laughs and the way Will talks (Ellie soon too) that I want to remember the way his sweet voice says things.

He is pretty into Christmas lights right now - and loves being in the car and driving around to see them!  What a fun time of year with a 3 year old - and to experience Ellie's first Christmas together!  (Now, let's pray that Ellie's sores on her neck (yes, they are back again, the pesky sores from her neck rolls.  It bothers her so much when we have been putting cream on it.  Will had a similar sore on his groin area, and also was screaming to get in bathtub -they both have been so tough, but I'm hopeful we can kick this soon)  Again, i would take these minor issues over many that I know some struggle with.  We are so very blessed and I thank the Good Lord everyday for all He has given us.

Thank God for Belly Laughs, Babies, and our Blessings!