Friday, December 21, 2012

Our 1 year old!

Can't believe it's been a year since our sweet boy joined us!  It has been such an amazing, crazy, wild and fun ride :)  We have learned so much together as a couple, and hard to imagine I could love Patrick anymore---until I have seen what a great Dad he is, and such a supportive spouse.  Everyday I count my blessings and do my best not to take for granted how blessed we have been. 

Will continues to be such a sweet, and loving little boy.  He has started repeating a few words that we say- mostly 'uh-oh', 'yeah', and 'whoops'.  It's so funny to hear him reply 'yep' after ANY question we ask him!

His 1-year appointment with Dr. Espe went well---Will is growing right on track he is 24 lbs and 30" - both in the 75%. The biggest change is NO MORE BOTTLES!  They recommend cold-turkey, going straight to all sippy cups, and reducing the amount of milk he drinks.  (still on lactose-free milk, but we have been adding in dairy in his diet and he has done well, so we will try the whole milk soon)  Anyway, at first I thought it would be so hard on me (I have always loved that snuggle time in the morning and during his bottles...but we still snuggle, it's just him drinking out of his sippy cup, and actually is somewhat nice to have a little extra time in the morning, and way less running of the dishwasher to clean up bottles!)  So, we have all adjusted well :)

For Will's 1st birthday party- we just had our immediate families over--and it was a great day!! We did a football theme, and everyone in attendance was to wear their favorite sports team appearal.  It was fun to see, and it was close NU vs .KU---but with the kiddos, KU was the winner!  Will was a great birthday boy---he tore into his presents, and with some encouragement dug into his cake (he was more concerned with why everyone was staring at him around his high chair with cameras, but then once we helped him, he kept going!)

Patrick and I also made a slideshow of Will's first year, it was so fun to make and of course I got sentimental through it all, and know I will love looking back at it over the years and giving to him someday!  Here's to your first year Bubba, and can't wait to see what the next year has in store for you! :)

Halloween pics

This is slightly overdue, but wanted to post the pictures of our little lion from Halloween: