Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Will rolls over again

I just find it really funny that when we put Will on his tummy, all he wants to do is roll over....so, this is what happens usually and thought I should record it!  This is Will at 12 weeks: (I love his burp in the middle of it that I caught!)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Will's first week at Mimi's

Will - 12 weeks old

So glad I got to hang with GG on my first day since it was President's Day--we are solving the worlds problems

I look like such a little boy in this picture!
Elvis lip--Hunka burnin love

This picture makes me heart smile

Playing with Daddy

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not guilty

Ok, well back to work week started yesterday.  It really went better than I had anticipated, and while I hated not seeing my baby all day long, the day went by pretty fast, so that was good.  I didn't have any tears yesterday, but on Friday my eyes just got a little wet thinking about it all, and then I told myself I needed to be strong. 

A couple things that helped make the transition back to work easier:
  • Dropping him off with his grandma/Mimi--- I have always said how lucky/blessed/fortunate we are to have Marilee watching Will, but I had NO CLUE how much easier it would make it yesterday morning to leave him with his Grandpa holding him (Bill was off work for President's Day) and Marilee cooing at him.... helps to know that he will be taken such good care of and helped me that I could get a good hug from them both on my way out!
  • Everyone that I work with is gone this week!  This is the week of HIMSS, which is a huge conference in the healthcare IT world, so pretty much most of Cerner is gone in Vegas this week, which is making it easier to ease back into working, lets me organize myself again and get recharged, and also not feel as bad if I need to leave early---in fact, I am most likely going to just work from home Wednesday and Friday--Thursday I have a presentation over lunch, and that'll be a short day too.  I am justifying it too that I got jipped of the holiday days that I had earned, because they just lumped that into my FMLA
The funniest thing is just all the bags that I have to bring with me to work!! I used to think I was a bag lady before, but I most definitely am now!!  So, I bring with me--- Will's diaper bag, my purse, my pumping bag, my laptop bag, and my workout bag!  It's crazy how much packing and planning...but that's just part of it.  Patrick and I are trading off making lunches and getting those packed up the night before for each other...and then I just try to have in my head at least what I am going to wear and what I want Will to wear for the day. 

I have made a promise to myself and I told my Mom the other night, that as I go back to work, I want to really try to focus on not feeling guilty.  I don't want to feel guilty while I'm at work that I am not spending more time with my baby....and I don't want to have to feel guilty if I have to leave my desk twice a day to pump, if I want to work out over lunch, or if I need to leave early to pick him up.  And then not to feel guilty if while I'm at home I'm not working.  It's just so easy to beat ourselves up and try to do it all, to please everyone, and then you are always feeling like you are not quite doing enough.  So, that is my #1 focus, is not feeling guilty and just doing the best I can do, wherever I am! 

Weekend update: we had a great weekend at home again.  Friday night, our friend Adam came over and we had a really nice salmon dinner that P made.  Saturday, got to go to kickboxing and cleaned up a bit...visited my friend Julie and saw her new house and then my friend Amy Winchester and Brandon and their son Nolan came over to visit.  P and I watched the first season of Friday Night Lights that he got me for Valentine's Day (we LOVE that series!!), did early church on Sunday, had another visit from my friend Lauren from NE that was in KC, and then went to Bill and Marilee's for dinner with everyone!  So, it was a great weekend---got to see lots of friends and family, and looking forward to this upcoming weekend and going back to NE once again for my best friend Lindsay's little sister's wedding.  (We will be trying to catch glimpses of the MU/KU game in between wedding/reception :)) 

Here are a few pics as of late:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy boy!

 Will at 11 weeks-- he loves smiling up at his toys..and his Mom and Dad :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Final Countdown

Yep, the end of my maternity leave is creeping up, and coming to an end.  This is my final week at home with my baby--- I have mixed feelings about it.  In some ways, I am ready to start having more of a routine/schedule, to get out of the house, and to have some adult/social interaction.  However, the other part of me is thinking about how much precious time I will be away from him, how much I feel like I will miss out, etc.  I can definitely see and now finally relate to all working Mom's out there and the pull/guilt you feel....  I am very lucky though with both work and our childcare situation.  My work and manager is very understanding and supportive of family first, and I know if I need to work at home, or flex my schedule somewhat, I think he will be understanding.  And we are taking Will up to Marilee's (Patrick's Mom) to watch him everyday.  Not much better childcare than his Mimi!  So, I know he will be in great hands and will be loved and cared for....and what a HUGE relief and blessing that is!  So, I am going to focus on that, and know that if I need to be annoying and call and see how he's doing, at least I am just annoying my mother-in-law (?!)  :)

Anyway, this past weekend was great.  It was so nice to not have much to do at all!  We went up to Brett and Angie's Friday night--had some tacos and hung out with the kiddos.  It was fun to see Brady, Emma and Will all 'playing' together!  They are going to have so much fun growing up together and making memories together!  Saturday, we slept in a little...did some cleaning, laundry, got a workout in all before noon!  Love those days :)  We went to church Saturday night, which was nice to do with an open Saturday.  (Funny story---of course, I fed Will right before church, and when we got there, it was quiet before mass and Will was kind of fussing in his carseat, so we got him out and he let out the LOUDEST belch!!  Haha---everyone around us was laughing and knew that he had to have felt better after that one!  Proud Mama moment?!!)
Saturday we ordered take-out from Blue Moose (our common weekend night dinner plan!) and then Sunday we woke up and went to Eggtc with our good friends, Nick and Erica VanDee.  Then, we went up to visit Bill and Marilee for the afternoon, and came home to watch the Grammy's (rest in peace Whitney Houston---still in shock, she was so very talented and I love all of her songs) 

Patrick's weekend project: putting up a ceiling fan in our spare/guest room.
Sarah's weekend project: making Grandma Mack's sweetheart cookies

Both of our projects were a little rough/rocky, but the cookies taste better than they look, and the light is ALMOST up, after some minor wiring difficulties :) 

Hope you all had a great weekened--and Happy Valentine's Day to you all!! 

Love these PJ's from my Aunt Valerie---they fit him perfect! (size 6 month!)

Another sweet picture in his new PJ's from cousin Daniel (thank you for ALL the hand-me-downs!!)
Fun with cousins!

Haha--Will is not too sure about this!

I'm starting to hold my head up so strong while doing my Tummy Time!
My sweet sleeping baby boy--- all snuggled up in his Pack and Play (still not his favorite place quite yet, but he's doing good here in this picture!)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Diapers: 2

For some reason I feel the need to record ALL of his milestones---and for another reason, moving up in diapers seems to be a big one for me!  Haha--maybe because I really had no clue how long he would be in a certain size, and maybe so I will remember for the next one approximately how long they last :)  BUT---Will moved up to Size 2 diapers yesterday---it was definitely time.  I was trying to milk the big box of Size 1's that I just opened, but decided it can wait for Baby A #2, and avoid any more blow-outs up the back! 

I'm wondering how much our little (big) guy is weighing these days---he is definitely heavier in his car seat and hopefully helping me work on these Mama arms :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wiggle Worm Will

I have been using this term frequently to describe Will these days!  He is always moving/squirming around--and making lots of squeaks/grunts/coos now while he does it!  In fact, today while he was doing tummy time, I sent off a quick email and when I looked up he had scooted himself all the way around on his play mat!

For a weekend update:

Friday over lunch we went up to Cerner and Will got to meet several of my co-workers and he was such a sweet, good boy--Mama was really proud!

We had been planning on going to NE for my Grandma Meyer's 89th birthday on Sunday.  So, Friday we kept hearing about a crazy snowstorm coming towards NE---we decided to just take off early Friday afternoon and make it up there before the weather got bad.  Amy, cody and Daniel also came up Friday night instead to miss the bad weather coming---we did wake up Saturday to a few inches of snow---but Lincoln and Omaha got hit MUCH harder with about 13 inches!  Glad we missed that!  So, Saturday we got to spend some time at Grandma Meyer's with Grandpa D, and then saw my Grandpa Mack too.  That night we got all pumped up to watch the KU/MU basketball game (unfortunately, the wrong team won---but a good game was had!) 

Saturday night---this could be a whole blog in itself, but let's just say it was the hardest night we have gone through yet.  Will was being very fussy when we were trying to go to sleep, and by very fussy, I mean SCREAMING so loud and just couldn't be consoled or calmed down.  Patrick decided we should take him down to the living room area of my Mom's so we wouldn't wake up/keep up Amy, Cody and Daniel.  After hearing the crying continue for awhile, I joined him down there---I figured we were all in this together!  We took his temperature, wasn't that...I tried to nurse him...wouldn't calm him down---but luckily laying on the floor in the living room staring at the ceiling fan was a good distraction for him.  So at about 2:00am, Patrick, Will and I were all laying on the living room floor, P and I saying that someday when we weren't as tired we would laugh about this :)  I finally got Will to fall asleep laying on my chest, and I decided not to try to move him and he slept the remainder of the night like that on me.  So, the whole ordeal was about from mid-night to 2:45am, and I'm thinking it must have been the shrimp scampi I had for dinner that he didn't like. 

Will -1.  Sarah/Patrick- 0.

Sunday we went to early church--and Will was excited to meet Father Major!  Then we went to Great-Grandma Meyer's for her bday celebration--it was nice to have cake/punch/ice cream and celebrate Grandma's 89 years of life!  She looked great and is feeling great (i'm kicking myself for not getting a picture while there... I was bad about pics this weekend) 

Will has just been getting more and more fun---I understand now when some parents I know say it just keeps getting better---I can see that!  He loves his activity mat, and I will usually get down on the floor and put my face up by his 'friends' on his mat, and just smile at him---and I absolutely love seeing his face light up and smile back at me.  We have some 'talks' as he coos back and likes to hit the things hanging off the mat. (I've had to not let myself think about how much I'm going to miss doing that when I go back to work in 2 weeks....how he won't be seeing my face all day long---but I teared up briefly thinking about it, but I have tried not to let myself dwell on it)  It's fun to watch him interact with us and his toys though!! He also likes when P and I sing to him, so we have been doing more of that too :) 

 Here are some pics I have taken from my phone lately:

Playing so hard on his mat- he kicked a sock off :)

All ready for the big game!  Rock Chalk!

First a snooze with Dad before the game

He loves staring up at the birds on his swing! 

My smiley guy!

Here's how he scooted around in just a few seconds during tummy time!