Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Work Out

This is week 2 of me being able to get back to the gym and work out.  I feel really great!! I must say, my body isn't exactly back to normal... I think the hardest thing is that my clothes just fit so different.  It seems that all my shirts are too short, and pants just a little snug in the waist (definite muffin top going on :))  For some reason, I was under the impression that nursing would just melt off the pounds and I would be back to normal in no time, although I really do realize it takes most people awhile to lose their baby belly....and I have eased up on myself---it's only been 8 weeks! 

In fact, most of the time, I feel like I appreciate my body so much more than I ever have---for all that it went through to bring this baby into the world---it's just amazing!  And how it can produce all the nutrients to sustain his life now and grow him bigger and bigger--it truly is a miracle and something that should be celebrated, not embarrased or self-conscious about.  (I'll be honest, I've had a few pity parties for myself though, mostly when I try my 'old' clothes on in my closet or try to find something to wear that doesn't fit right...or when I weigh myself)  So, if I just keep wearing the new things I have bought that fit better and limit myself from stepping on the scale and keep eating healthy and working out, I know that I will bounce back soon!


  1. Sarah - I've been following your blog every once and a while and first, I have to say Will is such a sweetie! I love all of his dark hair. I can't believe how much he has :)

    Also, just wanted to tell you at 4 months post-partum myself I was also beating myself up about my self-body image. But it does get better! I, too, thought nursing would melt the pounds away and I think it does ... for me, it just too more like 12-14 weeks (when i was hoping for more like 6-8). You have the right attitude about it all and those are the same things I try to remind myself too. What a miracle our little babies are and all that our bodies do to bring them into this world and nurture them once they're here!

    Congrats again,

    1. thanks Heather!! I appreciate the kind words and the support! It's always nice to know how other people feel and how they get through it :) Also, Tory is absolutely gorgeous--I love seeing the pictures of her too---what a lovely family you have! Take care and stay warm up in MN!