Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snow storms and babies!

Well, this past week, we survived Snowmaggedon 2013---Kansas City got about a foot of snow -- luckily Patrick and I can both work at home--and we took turns between working and playing with Will.  We all had a fun day, but realized how much we enjoy/need to get out of the house--we got a little cabin fever, and luckily Minsky's was open and we walked down for dinner.  It was great!!  Now---just 4 days later, we are expecting to get another foot of snow tomorrow---so, we'll see---it may be another day at home. 

Other exciting news---so many babies!! The baby season started with baby Reece Denton that entered the world on Valentine's Day!  We got to visit him this past weekend in St. Joe - and he is the sweetest!! So beautiful and so thrilled for Katie and Cody--they will be such wonderful parents and I know they have been praying for this baby for awhile!  Love you guys!  Next, Ryker Bergstrand made his appearance on 2/21/2013 - and are equally thrilled for Nicole and Mitch, and their prayers being answered as this tiny, perfect miracle is finally here!! We are sending our love to Des Moines and hope we get to see him soon (keep posting pics please!!)  And lastly, just found out this evening, that my best friend since 5th grade, Lindsay and Chad Kobus welcomed another baby girl into their family, Miss Gabrielle!!  She is going to be best buds with her older sister Sadie, and I could not be happier for them---Lindsay makes being a mom, wife, sister, friend, etc. look so easy and I know she will be an awesome Mom of 2 (and I will be expecting notes/tips soon!)  So, lots of baby love--- next, we have heard our friends, the Wessingers will be expecting their baby boy sometime this week for sure!! And then, last but not least, I am just so anxious to meet my niece, Tutu, and I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear from my sister that she is going into labor :) :)  (I'm also so nervous that she is going to come while I am in New Orleans next week for work-- I will be gone for 4 days, already going to be hard not seeing my boys for that long, but would be worse if I'm going to have to be away from my new niece)  Anyway, so many blessings and I am going to love seeing these precious bundles grow into little people!

Will had a great weekend and couple days--- we went to visit Grandpa D in Atchison on Saturday - and Will loved playing with  Grandpa's tractors!  Then, we went through St. Joe to visit Baby Reece which was so fun as well!  Today, we had breakfast at Succatash (which was really, really good!) with our friends Nick and Erica VanDee, and then just getting things ready for the week and relaxing.  We had a fun weekend seeing family and friends, and hope you all had good weekends also.

Stay safe and warm with the upcoming storm!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Will's Favorite Words

We are having a BLAST with Will--he is SO much fun - repeating so many words we say, and just seeming to absord and learn so much everyday!  I keep thinking---where did he learn that?!!  I know I will continue to be amazed by all that he learns and takes in. 

Will is not just walking these days, but usually running to try to make it to his destination of choice---it's so funny--poor guy falls down a lot and still getting his balance, but it's so cute watching him toddle around!

Some of the words that Will uses regularly:
- dog (woof)- yes, makes the sound
- when we say cow- he says BOOOO (he means Moo though :))
- sheep (baaa)
- horse (neigh)
- Pizza!!! (he loves saying this over and over when he eats this)
- bath (when he hears us say bath, he literally runs towards the bathroom and can't wait to get in--he will continuously try to throw his leg up on the bathtub to try to get in even if he has his clothes on!  he loves splashing around in the bath tub!! - doesn't enjoy getting his hair washed/water in his face as much)
- shoe (he says this so clearly---it's the sweetest!)

One of our favorite things to do is play "I'm gonna get ya"---and we chase Will around and he squeals and runs around until he gets to his little chair in the sunroom!  It's so sweet---he giggles and thinks it's the best thing ever.  He is also very ticklish, so I can't resist tickling his feet, theighs, belly, and around his neck is always a sure giggle.

He has really just now started to LOVE reading---he will read in the car, in his chair, in his high-chair, but both of favorite spots is in Mama's lap.  It still melts my heart everytime he grabs his book, toddles over to me, and plops down in my lap.  It may not last very long, but I soak up every second! 

Playing catch---Will actually does a pretty good job catching/throwing (well, at least we think so!) and are pretty impressed with his hand/eye coordination.  We think he's going to be pretty athletic....and smart...and kind... and.... :)

Will has adjusted so well to the 1-year-old room at Daycare (he goes Tuesdays and Wednesdays to St. Luke's) and Mon/Thurs/Fri up to Marilee's.  I really like the ladies that teach his class, Miss Della and Miss Stephanie, and am really enjoying being able to do both for him.  It's been so good to have daycare as a back-up in case we need it, and of course, we are so lucky to have his Mimi watching him the other days.

We almost have a 15-month-old---hard to believe. I still look at him everyday, and can't get over what a beautiful miracle God gave us.  He is such a sweet boy, so loving, so happy, and so perfect.  I just can't get enough of him!!  Thank you God for blessing me to be this little boy's Mama.

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!  Love!

Great-Grandma Meyer's 90th Birthday Party

We are so blessed to be celebrating my Grandma Meyer's 90th birthday (Feb. 6th)  Grandma has been so courageous, brave, and inspiring as she was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.  We are blessed for each day we get with her, and I continue to love our chats and her sense of humor (and goofiness :))  Grandma has such a sweet heart, she loves her family fiercely (almost as much as she loves her Huskers---I'll always remember her 'Mad Merrill' Husker shirt she wore on game days!!) 

Anyway, here are some 90th birthday pictures---we had such a great time celebrating with her and the Meyer family!  We love you Great-Grandma/Grandma/Merrill!

Will giving Great-Grandma Meyer a hug

Grandma feeling Tutu's kicks :)

Ashton and Avery brought Gma flowers

Seriously---90 candles!! It was so hot around that cake!!

Grandpa D and Will

Best buds

Love all three of these boys SO much!  All special to me in their own way :)

Daniel and Will are finally starting to interact/play together!  It's been really fun watching them both grow up---and now it's such a hoot to see them get excited to see each other (lots of squeals/screams, clapping, and Daniel pointing to Will and saying "bubba" (that's much easier to say than Will!)  Anyway, in January- Amy and Cody watched Will one night so Patrick and I could have a date night (and do our Christmas dinner, my bday dinner, and Valentine's all at once :))  We went to 801 Chophouse (awesome, awesome---highly recommend---great food and service, pretty pricey, but worth it if out for a rare night out!) and we also saw Zero Dark Thirty (intense movie, but good---I don't think we had seen a movie since before Will--so was nice to just be in the theater together!).  Anyway, the next weekend, Amy and Cody had a night out, and we had so much fun having Daniel here. Can't wait to watch these two grow up together, to continue to play together, and just be best friends.