Monday, January 23, 2012

2 month check-up

Ok, so I promised to update with Will's 2 month stats....our appointment was a little 'unusual'...basically Will is growing big and strong, he is 12 lbs and 3 oz!! 90%!!  Whoo-hoo, definitely something to celebrate--and he is 22 1/2 inches long, about 50%....everything else looked great!  Now, we knew going into it, that our pediatrician was a little dry/serious, but I didn't think that would be a problem...until this appointment.  I just asked that I noticed that although Will had smiled at us, most of the time he would be looking outside/towards the light/looking at black and white vs. wanting to make eye contact with Patrick or I.  In some of the things I had read, it said he should be doing that by now, so when asking about it, she made me even more concerned by saying that was "pretty unusual"...and gave us a list of vision specialists in the area.  Man---I didn't know that I needed reassurance from our doctor, but I guess I do... I want to know that things are normal, that we are doing the right thing,, we thought it best to go to another doctor for a second opinion and see if we like them more, we will just change pediatricians (no one said you are married to them!!)  So, after consulting facebook for recommendations, we chose Dr. Espe at Child Care Limited at St. Joseph's Hospital.....and we went to see him today.  He was fabulous!  Very thorough, he discussed with us Will's eating/sleeping schedule which I liked...and also told us it's very normal that he is not wanting to look at us all the time, that will happen between two and three months, and he had no reason to be concerned (which is what I wanted our former doctor to say!!)  Anyway, now that we are more aware, I can tell that he is focusing on certain things, and then just this afternoon he smiled right at me about 5 different times!!  Anyway, when they measured him today he was 12 lbs, 6 oz and 22 3/4" those are the stats we will go with, since they are closer to his 2 month bday (which isn't for 3 more days)  So, all is well---we are blessed with a happy, healthy, growing boy--and we love him more every day!

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