Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sitting up all by himself!

We knew it was coming soon---but this past Friday, we will officially put in the books that Will started sitting up on his own!!  It's crazy how in just a few days--how much he can grow up/advance!  In just two days, he can sit up so well and today in church, he was wanting to jump the whole time while he was standing in our laps.  It was so funny!  He has some very strong legs!!  We were just laughing and how he wanted to bounce/jump the whole time :) 

This past week was a really good one for Will---he had some good days at Mimi's--and was feeling so much better! (Although, after Will got over his cold, Mama got it :(  I felt pretty crummy all last week, but think I am finally over it)  Anyway, we also got it all finalized to have one of the girls that helps watch Will while Marilee teaches her art lessons, she watches Will while her younger brothers get art lessons---and she has agreed to come down to our house two days a week during the summer to watch Will!  We are thrilled---she is 16, already loves Will and a really sweet girl.  Looking forward to him having some days at home and a little break for Mimi and a break for us a few days from the commute :) 

This past weekend was lots of fun!  We celebrated Daniel's 1st birthday!!  He had a sock-monkey themed party--and in true Amy style---everything was so put together and well-decorated :)  It was a really fun party---Daniel was a perfect birthday boy--and dug into his cake just as he should!  Will and Daniel even went on their first of many wagon rides together!  They were SO darn cute riding in the wagon together--can't wait to see more.  Saturday night- we went to a wedding here in KC---it was a friend of Patrick's from college.  Mom came over and watched Will, and it was nice to have a night out together!  Thanks Gramma J---we appreciate it!!  Today, we had a nice Sunday--church, Eggtc w/ Amy, Cody and Daniel, we painted the guest room, CostCo sample Sunday :), more painting (woops, picked the wrong shade of grey the first time!), went on a walk, had some dinner and put the babe to bed.  I just love our weekends and hate Monday mornings when I have to drop Will off.  It seriously hurts my heart. 

I'm not sure if I have said this at every stage so far, I probably have---but I LOVE this stage right now.  Will is so smiley, happy, giggling, cuddly, and so much fun!  I can't believe he will be 6 months old next weekend---I am looking forward to his 6-month check-up next Friday afternoon, pictures with Daniel at Moments and Memories next Sat. morning, and then the rest of the weekend down at the Lake!! YAY--first trip down to the lake for Will--and can't wait to let him take a few 'dips' into the water! :)

Will in the wagon
Look at me---I'm such a big boy sitting up!

I love my little family

Hey there best friend--let's go for a ride!

Daniel got up and gave Will a side hug!!  It was SO sweet!

Watching Daniel eat cake with Gramma J--such a good view

The Lewis fam

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