Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5 months old

Will is 5 months old!!  He was so much fun doing our photo shoot---Mom was taking pics and Dad was making Will smile (which he still can do better than anyone else! :))  Will is such a happy baby---he is so interested in everything that's going on, and can really tell he is watching people so much more.  He looks like he is just trying to figure it all out. 

He is getting better at eating his cereal---he will open his mouth when he sees the spoon coming, but still need to work on his actually swallowing ---but he does pretty well.  He will take two bottles while I'm at work, about 7-8oz around 11:30, and then about 5-6oz around 2:30.  He takes a long nap in the morning, and a shorter one in the afternoon, around 1:00ish.  Then, when we pick him up, he usually falls asleep in the car. 

I love his giggle---and nothing in the world is a sweeter sound to me.  I could listen to that all day!  He still likes his playmat, but usually rolls around so much, he never ends up in the same spot we put him down, so we have to watch a lot closer.  His bouncer is good entertainment though, although his feet are still a little short, I know he will grow into it too soon, and that he will enjoy the bouncing! 

Will has found his fingers and enjoys putting them in his mouth.  He also will roll around in his crib enough that he usually ends up sleeping on his stomach--just seems to like that more.  He is still our wiggle worm, and doesn't sit still for too long---but I love when I get my morning snuggles with him---it's the best!

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  1. He is so sweet :) Love the pictures!