Sunday, June 3, 2012

First lake trip!

Memorial Day weekend 2012- went on our first trip down to the condo at the Lake of the Ozarks!  We had so much fun ---and couldn't wait to get Will in the water and see what he thought.  Well, after getting the boys fed, changed, packed our bags to go to the pool, it was quite the ordeal---once we got Will in the water, he instictively started kicking and seemed to enjoy it!  He didn't last too long though, b/c he got tired soon after, but it was great fun! 

The best was taking the boys on the boat---and the lifejackets they have to wear, go all the way around their shoulders/necks....and Will just froze with his hands on his lifejacket and didn't even try to turn/wiggle at all!  He just stared straight ahead and I think the boat actually really calmed him down and he would get very relaxed/chill when the boat was going.

The weather was wonderful, the boys did well---we just realized we only have a small amount of time from when they both were up from naps, fed---and we had to be all packed and head down to the boat to maximize our time.  All in all, a fun and successful trip to the lake---can't wait to see how over the summer how much he will change and grow, and enjoy it even more!

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