Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Will is 4 months old!

16 lbs 6 oz    25" tall  

We had a great 4 month check- up with Dr. Espe (we really like our new pediatrician!)  Anyway, he was really happy with Will's growth--he is in the 75% for weight....all I could think was, how big are babies that are in the 90%!!  Haha--Dr. Espe told us we could start Will on cereal---and that should hopefully help him sleep better at night.  So far this has been true!  After two nights of cereal, he has only woken up once to eat!! YAY!  He also told us that until 6 months, it's ok to still feed him in the night (he said especially since he is a big boy, he likes to eat, he probably is hungry!)  But, that he was pretty sure the cereal would hold him over a little longer.  It's helped already only waking up once, vs the two feedings I was doing before. 

I ended up taking the day off work the day of his appointment and we had such a fun day!  We did some shopping at the Rhea Lana consignment sale and got some good deals on clothes and a jogging stroller!  Will was such a trooper and great shopper, we tried out the Bjorn carrier for the first time and he seemed to like it.  He has been so much fun wherever we have taken him out lately---giving lots of smiles and being so good! 

He really does just keep getting more fun! Changes in Will as of lately:

  • He loves to put his hands in his mouth-- or anything that he can try to get in his mouth these days
  • He loves blowing bubbles with his spit and making lots of fun noises with his mouth
  • He loves to stand up--he has really strong legs and loves to stand up and he'll raise his eyebrows up so cute and raise his chin up and just look all over the place
  • He LOVES his daddy!! Will smiles SO big whenever he sees Patrick---doesn't matter what kind of mood he is in ( I have to admit, there was a short phase when Will wasn't smiling at me very much--it was really hard---I tried not to take it personal, but easier said than done....after about a week of that, he finally did start to smile at me again---but dad can still just make him light up!)
  • He loves peek a boo---he will coo and giggle whenever we play this!! It's the greatest sound ever!!
  • He loves going on walks
Last week, Will starred in a video we were putting together for work--he played the patient in the clinic and was our 'eye candy'.  Anyway, was so fun to have him at work--and everyone loved him so much and loved passing him around.  He was a hit!  I felt like it was 'bring your baby to work day' and he was so good, it made me wish I could do that everyday!

A co-worker enjoying some time with Will

March Madness--the Jayhawks have made it to the Final Four---here is one of my favorite positions--Will and Dad watching some basketball :)

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