Tuesday, March 6, 2012

King of the Crib

Ok, so this past weekend was the time that Patrick and I had decided we were going to really try to get Will into his crib and sleeping better on his own (after one particular night during the week that he was waking up about every hour, we were even more convinced this was the best thing to do!)  So, all week, we got psyched up to do this. Here's what we did:
  • Patrick and I did the normal bedtime routine for Will---at around 8:00pm Patrick gave Will a bath, got his pajamas on, I fed him, we put him in his velcro swaddler and put him down in his crib (for the first time vs putting him in the pack-and-play upstairs)
  • We both decided we would sleep in the guest room across the hall from his room (to elimnate what I was assuming could be a full night of sleepily walking up and down the stairs)....which also made me much more motivated to whip our guest room into shape and get some new bedding, paint, decorated etc.
  • We put Will down in the crib and once he started crying, we waited for 3 minutes before going in and just patting him, stroking his hair, putting pacifier back in and calming him down---every time we went in, he would stop crying, which was good.  So, then we would go back out of the room, and once he started crying again, we would go back in 5 minutes, and the next time 8.  The first night, it didn't take much more than that and he fell asleep---we went to bed around 9:00---and he didn't wake up until 3:00am!!  Seriously, 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep felt AMAZING!!!  I felt so good at 3am, and figured once I put him down, I may have to go through the whole crying episode again, but I didn't---he went down and slept from 3:30-8:00am!!  Whoo-hoo!! Was so proud of him---and we all were so rested Saturday morning, and Will was so especially smiley and happy :)
  • Saturday morning Amy and I went to get pedicures and have Chipolte salads...and then P, Will and I went out to Amy and Cody's and got to hang out with Daniel and all of us had a fun night!  It was a perfectly, wonderful day.
  • Saturday night, it took Will a little longer to finally fall asleep---this time we did 5, 8, 10 minutes...and it took about an hour overall---and then another ENTIRE full night of sleep!! The only bad part was I wasn't used to going that long between feedings, so I woke up with a soaked tank top!!
  • Sunday- we went to early church, I had to go into work for a little bit :(....and couldn't wait to get back to my boys!  We had a CostCo trip, dinner at Spin, and watched a lot of Friday Night Lights again. 
  • Sunday night was more of the same, probably the hardest night yet though---he cried until he needed to eat again, but did really good after he fell asleep at 11:30.
  • Monday night--once he fell asleep, he slept so good that we had to wake him up in the morning!  He only woke up once in the night at 2:00am to eat and went right back to sleep.
So, all in all, while it IS really hard to hear your baby crying...we all are so much more rested and happier the next day, we know it's for the best. 

This week is really crazy at work for me (the past two weeks have been) b/c Cerner is actually involved in a big sales deal with St. Luke's hospitals herein KC...and yes, that is where Patrick works!  We have had some interesting conversations   :)   Everyone at Cerner is wanting me to get Patrick to do some spying and give us some good insight information---haha!  But it'll be fun for him to sit in on Cerner presentations and get his perspective! 

Hope all is having a good week---loving this nice spring weather and even more excited for Daylight Savings for more light at night!!

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