Sunday, April 15, 2012

Strong Willed

Well, I haven't been blogging much lately--and that's mostly because I have been swamped at work (excuses, excuses), but also because lately with Will we have been fighting the sleeping battle.  And by battle, maybe I mean war. 

From my last post, I mentioned how Will was sleeping better after starting him on cereal...first mistake (I should have never announced that my baby is sleeping better)  A few weeks ago, he was being especially fussy at night---and whenever he would fall asleep, after us rocking him for a long time, the minute we would try to put him down, he'd wake up all over again, and we would go through it all again, and this was ongoing for several hours.  After a few nights of that, we thought, you know--maybe he has an ear infection and it's hard on him to lay down and his ears are hurting, I took him to the doctor, and were surprised that it was just a cold---mostly a stuffy nose he was having.  He said that even with a little cold babies get especially fussy at nighttime, and we just have to wait it out. 

Consequently, we were travelling the next day to NE for Easter--- and little guy is always so happy during the day, but then darn night time comes along and he just fights sleep, or if he did fall asleep it wouldn't last long.  After the weekend, we got home thinking it would help to be back in his own crib, etc---and after a couple days, we decided we just needed to let him cry it out again--- and man, this sweet boy is seriously so determined, stubborn, strong willed, bull-headed---whatever you want to call it--he has it!!  :)  So, I called the Dr. Espe's office and the nurse said basically it's a behavior issue at this point (we could tell he wasn't hurting, b/c the minute we could go in to check on him, he would stop crying and smile up at us----cute little stinker!)  She said, basically it's him vs. you all--so we were determined to win.  After a not very successful night and us feeling like horrible parents for letting him cry---the next day, on Wednesday,  I called Dr. Espe's office again, to see if they could reassure us we were doing the right thing--and Dr. Espe called me back himself.  He said, he is showing us his personality--and it'll be a great thing when he's an adult....but not so much as an infant :)  He also said, it was a new record for a baby (and this guy has been around awhile!!)  So, he reassured us that it may take a few days, but to try to keep it, we got all psyched up again, and Thursday night was rough, but a little better.  Friday, I actually took the day off work, and we all went ot the Royals home opening game---Will had so much fun at it too!!  He was too cute and everyone loved him!  Maybe that wore him out, but Friday night--he slept SO well!!  From about 9:00pm to 4:00am---he ate then and went back to sleep until 8:30am!!  And then Saturday night, about the same thing too---so, again, don't want to jinx anything, but so far tonight he didn't fight it either.  Anyway, hopefully we are over the hump---I'm sure there will be good/bad nights still, but am hoping we are on the right path. 

It's funny, when we were registering for baby monitors, we both thought the video monitors weren't necessary, etc---BUT we ended up getting one, b/c he is also rolling/moving all over these days!  He has started rolling from his back to belly---and just scooting all over!  So, we wanted to make sure he wasn't hurt or anything, and of course when we would check on him, it would make him more upset.  So, the video monitor has been SO great--I highly recommend and we love looking at him in his sleep.  So much that I wish I could take pictures of it---there is nothing as sweet as a peaceful, sound sleeping baby :) 

After the sleep update---we have had so much fun with Will lately:
  •  He has been giggling so much--and smiling so much
  • He likes his new jumperoo! His legs are just a little short, but we can put a book under and it's perfect! 
  • He loves standing up--he has such strong legs and gets so excited when he stands on our laps
  • He loves being tickled---on the creases of his upper thighs or under his armpits especially
  • He can almost sit up all on his own!!  I bet by the next time I'll blog he'll be doing it all on his own
Here are some pics from the last couple weeks:
    Hanging out with Sadie--we had so much fun when the Kobus' came to visit in mid-March (some day we will take a better pic together!)
    Showing off
    Such a pretty girl!! Will has his eye on her already :)
    Crazy hair after bathtime :) :)
Daddy reading a bed-time story--- I love that he is interested in books---hope it continues!

Sweet Easter bunny smile!

Hanging out with cousin Emma at Elaina's 3rd Birthday party (Emma is 2 months older than Will)

My loves

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  1. What a SWEET picture of him and daddy talking. :) Also- hang in there. It is SO tough to let your baby cry it out. But, I promise it really does work. And yes, there will be episode where he will test you again. This parenting this is NOT easy! :) Miss you guys.