Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness

I absolutely love this picture of Will from this past weekend---I think someday when I'm looking back at pictures, this just seems to look just like him.  I love that sweet look on his face, he usually has his tongue kind of out, and I love the wrist wrinkle :) 

Work has been making it hard to update as much as I want---that's life!  Will is doing wonderfully---the time change kind of messed him up I think, so early this week was tough.  He has been waking up several times through the night still, but we are making it.  Some nights are better than others, but still it's been much better since we put him in his crib and we are getting a solid 4-5 hours of sleep at a time. 

We have been loving the days being longer/lighter later, and taking advantage of this gorgeous weather---and we have been going on walk/runs every night!  Again, we love our location so much, that we have our normal route that ends by the shops, and lots of times we can pick up a few groceries at Hen House on our way home.  So handy!! 

This past weekend we had another low-key one.... Brett/Angie/Brady and Emma all came down Saturday morning as Brett was helping us cut down some trees in our backyard.  Also, we did get a new driveway last week too!! As my friend Lindsay says---it's fun watching your tax money turn to cement!  Ha!  But, it looks great and we are so excited to have a wider drive!!  After cutting down some trees, P and I ran some errands, and then went on a walk before Amy, Cody and Daniel came over for the night.  P made an awesome chipoltle flavored pork, asparagus and grilled potatoes, and I made some strawberry shortcake for dessert.  We had so much fun having some adult beverages and playing Pitch after the boys went to bed---was the latest we had stayed up in awhile...and for sure the latest my sister had stayed up in a LONG time! ha!!  Sunday was later church (due to our loss of an hour of sleep) and picked out some new bedding for our guest room and had a nice, quiet evening.

We are looking forward to having some friends over tomorrow night to watch the KU game and more March Madness games---this is definitely my favorite sporting event of the year!! Love this time of year and watching the fun games---just a fun spirit in the air!!  ROCK CHAWK!! (who would have ever thought I would be saying that??!)

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  1. Pitch!! Jealous. :) Hope to see you guys soon and we'll play too.