Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"You must be like 9 months pregnant or something..."

..Funny story, a teenage boy working at Coldstone asked me that as we were getting ice cream this weekend, as he stared at me with wide eyes, probably thinking I was HUGE and may pop at any minute!!  Haha--it was pretty funny. 

So, yes, I am, like, nine months pregnant or something....exactly 28 days left!! We have been busy getting ready for Baby A---this past weekend I got a ton done and feel much more prepared.....returned some things, took everything out of piles and put it away or organized, washed all his clothes and hung up, got nursery set-up/arranged, etc.  It was a full weekend, but made me feel more ready. We have been slowly adding a few things here and there to the bag we will take to the hospital too.  Patrick has been working hard on building some built-in bookshelves, and his goal was to have them done by Baby.....and he's getting close....they look great! (pictures to come soon!)

Otherwise, last Tuesday we were able to go to the KU exhibition game against Fort Hays State---it was really fun and we enjoyed watching the Jayhawks (I told Patrick it's a really good idea to take me to one of the first games of the season, so that way I feel like I get to know the guys and am more interested in watching the games throughout the season :))  Unfortunately, it was raining really hard when we were leaving the game, and walking in the rain, in the dark, being 9 months pregnant, and mostly uphill wasn't exactly ideal :)  I must say I was trying to stay positive, but I just hate being stuck in wet clothes (jeans especially) and wet socks.  Ugh.  I felt like it was fun to take our little guy to his first Jayhawk game too :)

I have been very blessed to have had 3 wonderful showers: a NE shower,, a Kansas City shower, and then a surprise work shower!  It really means so much to us all the love our little guy is getting already, and he has been spoiled! :) 

Starting my weekly appointments now with Dr. Wittek, going in tomorrow, so may have more to update then!

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