Wednesday, November 2, 2011

He has dropped!

Today we had our 34 week check-up with Dr. Wittek-- and everything looks great still!  Baby's heartbeat was 140 and I'm measuring right on track.  I have one more 2-week appointment, then I will start going every week!  That seems pretty crazy... she did say that although it's not a medical term, the baby has 'dropped'!  Which she was really happy to hear b/c it means he is getting in place and my body is adapting, which usually helps for a successful vaginal delivery. So, that was fun news!

The other interesting thing, as I met with the maternity care coordinator to fill out all the paperwork, when I was signing consent forms for Baby A, and it asked for relationship---it seemed so 'real' to me when I wrote down Mother.  I was like, whoa this is really happening--- I am really a mother!  It was pretty cool!  Also, making it seem more official was that last night we ordered some Christmas stockings for our family of 3 with all of our names on it---so, since we aren't announcing his name, we can't hang up his sweet little stocking until he's born :)  BUT--was the first thing I've bought with his name on it--so made that seem pretty official too!  So exciting!! 

Hope all is well with everyone and hope you had a very Happy Halloween a few days ago!

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