Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Photo Updates

I have been bad about posting pictures lately, so here are a few:

A few from my Nebraska shower (love the Halloween theme, as shower was on 10/30/11:

Only my Aunt Jane could put together a pregnant pumpkin giving birth :) Hilarious...and a little disturbing!

My wonderful shower hostess': Aunt Jane, Aunt Denni, and BFF Lindsay

My Kansas City shower was the following weekend on 11/5/11:  Amy and Lauren--thanks for ALL that you both did---it was such a great shower!!

Lastly, my co-worker wanted to take a picture of me at work, at 34 weeks:  (yes, thank you Cerner for jeans days everyday!! Makes it much easier to be comfy while pregnant!)

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  1. I really love you. Wishing you and Patrick the very best as you continue to prepare for your little blessing! Can't wait to meet him :)