Monday, January 20, 2014


Just wanted to take the time to jot down some funny things that Will says that I want to remember some day... (It would help if I could video him doing some of this - b/c it's so much funnier to hear it come out of his mouth and with his sweet little voice, but still...better than nothing)

  • He responds with a 'Yeah, ok'  - very matter of fact
  • He wakes up, stands up in his crib, and cocks his head to the side, furrows and brows, and says/stutters - "I want, I want, I want to go pllllaaayyy." Or another funny was "I want to go to Target" :)  Haha, cracks me up!
  • When a song with a good beat comes on in the car on the radio, he starts dancing and says "I like this song"
  • He imagines that there are lions, giraffes, elephants, tigers at different places in the house - and will say 'Lions!  Over there!' - and him and Patrick put up their pretend binoculars to see them.  He usually ends up saying they are getting a drink of water, but he doesn't even want to go near them to feed them any food :)
  • For some reason (perhaps the above?!), he thinks there are tigers in his room, especially when dark and going to sleep - and he'll point out the window or by the door, and say "Tigers?!"  So, we have told him there are no tigers, and he will reassuredly look at us and say "No tigers, today?!"
  • When leaving church this past Sunday he says "Bye Jesus!  Have a good day!" - so sweet!

This past weekend we had a nice day or weather and Will actually rode his Strider bike!!  He did a great job and enjoyed riding down to the park with Amy, Cody, Daniel and Gwyn (although it took Will a LOONGG time, as he gets very easily distracted, pauses to take in anything going on) - it's good for our patience :)

Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty good, but pretty pregnant :)  I'm almost 30 weeks, and have just recently been having problems sleeping all night long.  Seems like hormones, and frustrating when I can't get back to sleep!  Restless leg makes the evenings frustrating as well.  I have been saying, the days go by quickly, but the nights can seem endless!  I know this will pass soon - so I am trying to remind myself to enjoy all the movements (they are pretty much full out kicks/jabs now!) and the miracle of having a baby growing and living inside me! 

My goal over the next couple weeks is to get her nursery ready - we luckily aren't goin gto paint and keep the grey color on the walls from the spare room, and add some pink/white accents.  I'm excited to see how it will all come together - I have ordered bedding and a wall decal from Etsy - and then mostly just need to get the glider and a small dresser and just adding a few touches here and there. We are SO lucky we got Gwynnie's hand-me-downs, and they are hanging up in her closet, just so I get to walk by and see them at times and makes me smile.  I'm loving the pink - we can't wait to meet our sweet girl!!  75 days (says my BabyCenter app)  Let's see how close she will be to her due date... Will was 17 days early. 

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