Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Will!

(Apologies for the side-ways pics - I have no clue why that keeps happening...sigh)

Anyway - Will had a great 2nd birthday!  This year his birthday was on the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week.  So Patrick and I took the day off work, and wanted to spend a special day with our Bubs.  And it really was. 

- We started off the day, both of us going in to sing Happy birthday to Will in his crib :)  Then, we had a Strider bike for him sitting out in the living room - he wasn't really sure entirely what to think - but we are hoping he warms up to it a bit more. 

- Then, we went to our fave spot for breakfast, Eggtc :)  Will had his favorite French Toast, and we all had a nice meal.  (Was so funny, as we were leaving, Will tells a table of adults, likely having a work meeting, 'Bye Bye kids' - cracked me up!  And them too!!) 

- Next, we headed down to Crown Center to see SeaLife Aquarium.  It was a very cold, windy day, so we were fast outisde, and had to wait in quite a line to get in (outside for some of it)  I was surprised, that it was on a weekday and that long of lines, but maybe since it was a holiday week. Anyway, Will LOVED all the fishies!  It was a perfect spot for him, and he loved pointing at all the fishes and seeing them all.  We brought a stroller of course, but most of the time, he wanted to be out running around.  I was pretty impressed with the aquarium though, it's really nice, and actually only been in KC for about a year - a great addition.

-Then, we walked over (thank goodness for the Link, that's covered :)) from Crown Station to Union Station, which was all decorated with it's Christmas decor.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  We definitely wanted to see all the trains, and Will loved, loved these!!  There are just tons of different trains all over the place there - any 2 year old boys' dream!  He made a friend, and the two of them were running around chasing the trains all over.  It was adorable.  I highly recommend this spot though, as it's free, and lots of fun.  (I can't imagine going on a Saturday, but was only a little crowded with school kids/field trips and such.)

- By that time, we were all pretty worn out, and went home for nap time.

- We went to try a new pizza place for dinner in Downtown OP, but Will I thnk was starting to catch a cold, and wasn't wanting to be there at all.  So, we got our pizza to go, we put candles on a cake, sang, and let Will open his gifts from us.  So, we somewhat rushed that part, but he was ready for bed!

All in all, a great day!  And pretty much a celebration all week - Mimi and Grandpa came down and we went to Blue moose for dinner and opened some presents the Saturday before his bday.  We celebrated witih Mom, Don, Amy, Cody and the kids the Friday after Thanksgiving at mom's, and then my Dad came over to celebrate Sunday when we got back from NE!  Haha--Will was starting to get pretty spoiled with all the gifts and cake that kept coming his way! ha!

Cheers to year 2 my sweet boy!!  We love you more and more everyday.

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