Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tired feet

Funny thing - whenever Will gets tired or hasn't napped well that day, he always complains of his feet hurting.  It took us awhile to realize thiat he's not hurting and just tired, and we have heard it from both Marilee and daycare as well.  For some reason it's so funny to me!! Why he thinks his feet hurt - i have no clue! It's not like we say that when we are tired or anything.  At first, we would be all concerned and take his shoes and socks off, and inspect his feet really well to see what was wrong, now we just roll our eyes and laugh a little, because we know he's just tired :)

Just one of the funny things that I want to remember to tell him when he gets older and tease him about. 

So far, Will has still seemed excited about his baby sister coming.  The more we are getting her room ready, and getting stuff set up - we say Baby Sister coming soon.  And he really wants her to be here RIGHT NOW (me too buddy, but we have to be patient)  I'm excited to see how he will react - will he be really loving to her, will he act out, will he be indifferent?!! It'll be fun to see. 

I'm pretty ready to meet her too!!  For some reason, while I realize the awesome miracle of being pregnant and life growing inside me, and what a blessing it is to experience, I'm not quite enjoying pregnancy as much as I did the first time around.  As i have mentioned, it's mostly night time, when I'm resting/relaxing that I feel almost clausterphobic in my own body.  Let's just say, I'm ready to feel 'normal' again, start getting in a better eating/workout habits (although I know that won't really happen for awhile afterwards, but even a little bit is better than I've been lately)  I feel like I have been really eating whatever I want this pregnancy, which may come back to bite me (pun intended) when I'm trying to get the baby weight off, so I need to stay patient with that, but I'm hoping I can get back into my old clothes eventually :)

Well, we are at 43 days and counting - I'm almost 34 weeks pregnant and deifnitely getting some looks/stares :)  It's sweet all the nice smiles from other Mom's, blissfully reliving being pregnant, as they have likely forgotten the non-fun parts - I like the kind of bond you have with other expectant Mom's/friends of mine.  It's fun to talk baby and whine together :)  I think I scared Jack Kirby this weekend, (he's almost 5) and when he noticed my big belly - he just looked at me with wide eyes and says' WHOA'.  It was pretty funny!! So, yes, no hiding it these days - large and in charge, and cooking up a baby.

Hope all is well!

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