Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8 month update

Another month gone by??  Seriously---summer is flying by--now it's almost time for school to start!  It's definitely been a really hot summer, almost every day over 100+ (which makes it not fun to do anything outside, so we stay inside a lot on the really hot days/nights)  and the Olympics are on!  I love watching the Olympics (especially gymnastics, swimming, beach volleyball), and the crazy thing is that the last time the Olympics were on, Patrick and I were just dating, our first summer together.  Crazy how much has changed in just 4 years!

Anyway, our baby boy is already over 8 months old....updates on what is new with Will:

- He started crawling!  He definitely is moving around, mostly scooting, but since he scoots across the room, it counts :)  Not quite up on all fours crawling, but he's deifnitely moving!

- He always wants to stand!  When we hold him, he will push up with his strong legs and walk up our stomachs to stand up--you can tell he feels so proud of himself when he's standing up like a big boy! 

- He loves grabbing our faces--especially when he's eating.  For some reason it's really fun to grab our noses really hard, or trying to stick his hands in our mouths---hope that phase ends soon ;)

- He has his first little tooth on the bottom!  This just happened a day or so ago, we can see a little white cap---and he is definitely acting like it hurts---poor guy.  A little Ibuprofen, oragel ,and teething rings---and hope this phase ends soon too!  Hate seeing him hurting... but he has still been sleeping well and through the night, so knock on wood, that that continues. 

- he laughs SO hard when Patrick starts dancing around....this usually happens in the evening as he is in his highchair, we are getting his dinner ready and to entertain him, Patrick will dance and sing around.  Will laughs so hard, it's seriously the best sound in the world.  I keep saying I need to record it, so I won't ever forget that sound (and I'm so sentimental, I know every year as he grows up, I'll want to remember these sweet moments)  But, Patrick made me promise that I can't post/share that video anywhere!  Ha!  Maybe if I can just get Will's laughs :)

- Car trips--- we have always struggled with knowing how/when to put Will in for road trips, b/c in the past, we would assume he would sleep in the car during his normal nap time, but he would end up not sleeping at all and then just miss the nap, be overtired, and it just gets back to worse from there.  So, we went to NE again this weekend (this time for my 10 year class reunion, my step-cousin's wedding, and my cousin Amber's baby shower)....and I think we FINALLY figured out that if we just have a really big bottle of milk ready to give him....we can reach back and feed him that, and he gets so full, he's kind of in a milk coma. :)  Worked on the way up (after hearing him cry 1/2 way up) and then started it on the way back, and worked like a charm! 

- He loves the pool!  He kicks around and could stay in the water all day!

We really are so blessed to have such a happy baby!  He brings us so much joy---and I could just eat him up!  We are having a blast with him at this age and we know it'll just keep getting better.  Some pictures from recent events and 8 month shots:

Happy boy

I love standing up like a big boy

Hanging with Amy, Cody and Daniel--we love these times!

Getting his 2nd haircut---this time at a real salon with a fun firetruck to sit in!

Hey there blue eyes

Couple of my girlfriends at my 10 year class reunion!

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