Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Meghan

Will was so lucky to have Meghan Connelley come down 2 days (sometimes more!) a week this summer to watch him at our house.  Ok, WE ALL loved having Meghan down.  Meghan actually started watching Will since he was 3 months old, when I went to back to work---she watched him once a week, while Marilee taught her younger brothers art lessons.  Marilee spoke so highly of her, and when we talked about someone coming to watch Will some this summer, and after a neighbor girl of ours didn't work out, we called Meghan right up and asked if she was interested.  It was definitely in God's plan. 

Meghan is a breathe of fresh air---super positive, spunky, and even though she is little---she has lots of energy and I can tell she cares about Will---and he always lit up when she came over.  I hope someday I can teach my children the importance of being dependable and timely---these were two things that we always grew to appreciate so much with Meghan.  We always knew she would be there on the days we had deceided and she was always about 5-10 minutes early, so Patrick and I could still get to work on time--even with a long drive from up north. 

Anyway, last week was Meghan's last one with us scheduled, as she has to start up her junior year of high school--but I"m sure she'll see Will at Marilee's still, and I'm sure she'll get calls from us to babysit from time to time.  Thanks for taking such good care of our sweet boy Meghan!

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