Sunday, June 3, 2012

6 months

 6 month stats:
  • 18lbs 9 oz - 75%
  • 26 1/4" - 50%
  • Head circumfrance - 50%

Dr. Espe said he looks really great!  He can now start eating 3 times a day: a fruit, veggie and cereal.  He said to wait 4 days before introducing a new food, to allow him time to get used to different kinds.  So far, we have tried apples, squash and bananas.  He seems to like them all, and is getting the hang of it---but I can tell his favorite is bananas so far!  So fun to try new foods and see what he thinks (another 'Mom' thing I never got before having my own..... I would always hear people get excited about what foods their kids were I completely get it :))

Teeth- Dr. Espe also predicted Will would start getting his bottom teeth in soon (which, on 6/3 when I'm really writing this) he was VERY fussy today and could tell he didn't feel good :(  I can feel the teeth close to coming in, so I think it's a matter of time.  Hopefully it won't make him feel bad too long---I feel so sorry for him!  Luckily, the ibuprofen seems to help soothe it, and makes him relax. 

Lastly- our new sitter, Megan, came down twice last week to watch Will.  I was a nervous nelly!!  Oh my---I had written out all sorts of instructions (thanks to the Wrights for doing this when I baby-sat and knew I wanted to do the same!)  and tried to be as thorough as possible, but hard to know what all I needed to tell her!  Tuesday (right after Memorial Day) was her first day coming down, and we had plenty of time to talk/show her around, and it was really hard for me to concentrate at work all day, b/c I kept wondering how they were doing,.  But, of course, they did great---went on several walks and seemed to do really well.  Already by Thursday, I felt better and I'm so grateful Will really likes Megan and that she is coming down!  From now on, she will come down on Monday's and Wednesday's for the summer, and then still to Marilee's/Mimi's the rest of the week.







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